Uversa And I Meet Once Again

   I wrote a post on 5/18/12 and it described meeting a woman named Uversa. I was instantly taken by her aura and presence. She was sitting there alone as I remember, however she had something that I cannot explain. It was wisdom mixed with love, a keen sensitivity, and that special internal gift to feel your energy instantly. I was walk-in through Union Square to day and I saw her and I was instantly drawn to her energy once again. She was in the midst of reading taro cards for a young man. I waited patiently for about 15 minutes without saying a word.

  When I sat down next to her, I asked her if she remembered me. She looked at me in a concentrated fashion  and then said yes. I told her that I had written a blog about her about 3 years ago and that I really enjoyed that day immensely. The next thing out of her mouth was truly remarkable. She told me that because of that post and mentioning her, she got connected to lots of people that wanted to speak with her and to do photo shoots and so forth. I was just so moved. She thanked me and told me that it changed quite a few things for her. Once again, I thought of how the power of one is a magical thing no matter how you slice it.

   Uversa began to read my cards to me after I selected 3 runes from her bag. The things that she said were very deep and I believed them wholeheartedly. She said things that I was thinking about way before I saw her today. But maybe the most powerful thing that she said was that I should take more time to take care and pamper myself. In a more direct way, she was telling me that I was protected in many ways, so I should not feel that I have to be there for everyone. This echoed inside of me because I have been saying that to myself recently.

    As she spoke to me her eyes were mostly closed, yet she was authentic with her words. I felt that she was at least. This meant the world to me. Her words reached me as if she was inside of my chest and could actually feel what I have been going through for the past 5 months. This was not some physic reading, she was exposing my inner most emotions and aspirations out in the open. Uversa was affirming all that I intend to do or accomplish by letting me know that my world is changing slowly and that I need to really focus and be who I am. This was truly a powerful conversation.

   Just to describe this woman a little bit form a physical point of view is necessary. She carries her locks around with her just like I do. Her skin is as dark as a true native African. Her lips are thick and full of strength. On her arms were the most beautiful beads and on her hands were some rings that looked almost medieval. Her hair was also wrapped up in a beautiful fabric as well. All of her clothing was light and flowing. When she spoke to me, she paid very close attention.

    As our conversation was about to close, I asked her what I could do for her. She told me that I had already don it and that she did not need anything from me. In my soul, I wanted to do something. At least now she has my contact info and she can reach out when she feels the need to. I cannot explain why this woman's power is what it is. It's not sexual or distracting or anything negative at all. Its just there and I have to take notice. I have no choice in the matter. I also noticed that we had not seen each other for about 3 years almost to the day. I am not sure if that is significant of anything. However, she is even more powerful now and she exudes it with every word.

    Meetings like this are not by chance in any way. She let me know that now is the time and not to be swayed by the distractions that are all around me. Her heart is pure and I trust and believe her completely. I placed this video above my posting so that you can get a feel for her. I really hope that you run into this woman soon if you live in NYC. You can find her in Union Square. Thank you for being here once again.



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