The Integrity Impostor / What Will I Do?

 We all have standards and that is for sure. Some would say that others do not have standards, well they have them too. It's just that they are so low, that it seems like they are non existent. Then there are those who seem to be doing everything right from the outside until you actually get a peak into what is really happening. I mean let's face it, all that glitters isn't sold. Yes, I know I twisted that statement, but for good reason I assure you. It's amazing how certain people will run a business of any kind and feel as though they will continue to proceed without a scratch when they are not using a  certain amount of integrity. To be fair, that amount is up to you and I. They don't come to the first business meeting that you have with them wearing an integrity pin that lets you know what level they are at in the present moment. You can only gage it by what they do during your first transaction with them. Better yet, you can watch how they deal with someone else if you have that luxury. Most times you do not get that chance ahead of game though.

   As I talk with more and more professionals in my particular business, I am learning so much about how things seem to work. I am becoming more and more clear that people want to do business with the most transparent person who has heir best interest at heart. How do they know this is happening, one might ask? You can feel it and you can most often see it as well. That has been my experience thus far. I am exposed to some true veterans in the game lately and they have their battle scars to prove it. I mean those who have been in the music business for 15 years plus and have had to deal with some unpleasant dealings as well as some challenging happenings. These people know what its like to not be appreciated or even worse, not to be able to get their players to come together and make things happen. It's not easy to get between 5 to 10 people on the same page at the same time with the same level of integrity. However, it can be done if you care about them and they feel that you do as well.

  The impostor is all around us in many forms. It comes in the form of a female and male. It shows up as short and tall. It shows up when are ready and when you are not. The biggest thing is that there's nothing you can do about it except to not link arms with them. It is our choice each and every time. I have not been as clear about this as I am now in these present days. You either have integrity or you do not. There is no in between because they cannot live in the same space at the same time. Try that on for size.

   So there is a situation that I am gearing up for soon. I will not go into detail here right now. It is personal, however, I can tell you that it will be a character building moment. I will be face to face with an energy that I respect in a massive way. The problem is that I have some slanted history with them and I will stop at nothing to create a comfortable environment around them during our time together. What will I do? The truth is that I will not know until I am in the moment. We are peculiar beings in this way. Most times we think we know exactly how we will react, show up, or even reply, but a small outside force can somehow sway us in a different direction. Theres one thing that I know for sure though, and that is everything that happens around us starts with our intention. Seeing future events in the way that you want them to be can go a very long way in this life. I will be fine. If you can remember, send me some good vibes and positive blessings from tomorrow until Monday morning. I believe in the power of compound energy. Until next time, serve as many people as you possibly can, willingly. Peace



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