Taken Personally

 Well, it may very well be the downfall of all mankind, and women. The fact that we all take things personally from time to time. Some of us take almost everything personally. I can remember so many times when I was engaged in a conversation with someone or even a group of people and I let this feeling take control. In the last ten years or so I realize again and again, it's only personal if you make it so. This rule works so well, that each time I challenge it, I come out with unnecessary bruises. Do you feel me at all?

   I see it like this. The people who are out to get us, or to show us that we are wrong, or any one of those, are usually the ones that don't get much respect in their lives on most occasions. They look for what is wrong with others, so that we cannot see their flaws, but we do. Then there is the fact that if we are judging too much, then we are not preserving our own well being. It can be a very hairy boomerang. But yet and still, it does not pay to take anything personal. You wind up in a cage that keeps feeding you the same meal every day at dinner time.

   I had a one on one recently with one of my favorite minds to bounce things off of in this life. She reminded me that in moments when we feel like a personal bullet is being aimed at us, it usually is the same bullet that the person shoots at everyone. I also read once, that thinking something is personal is a very ego centric emotion to carry around. I thought that was quite eye opening to say the very least. I guess we all have to realize that no matter how good we think we see a situation in any way, there is always another angle or mindset. When I am in that place where I am listening to that person's viewpoint, it requires the patience of a Jedi master to get through it at times. However, it works out far more times than not in my experiences.

   For example, there are many people that only think of what something costs when they are making a decision as to whether they will buy it or not. If you are with them during one of those moments, and you challenge their thought process, you could get burned. They may tell you that you have no concept of money and how to hold on to it. They may also say that you think you are so special because you have enough to buy anything that you want. They may even tell you that money is hard to come by, so they use it very frugally.You could in turn take all of that personal right? But in truth, that had not one stitch to do with you. They were already in that ballpark before you parked in that lot.

   As I write about this, I am reviewing some situations that I should have taken my own advice. On the other hand, they are now all in the past. I can decide from this point forward. I hope this gave your soul a little nudge. Keep on being uniquely you. It's what the world needs now more than ever.



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