Slow / Motion

  I meditated at about 7am this morning. It's a habit of mine to do it later in the day. I have been pushing my days into the ground, so I have been just getting it in before midnight and it's been a bit on the rush side. This is of course the opposite of what meditation should be. I do it to decompress, let it all go, and to just reset. It's amazing how the mind keeps pulling you back into a space of movement.

   So there are moments when I meditate that I hear voices telling me that I am not relaxing or releasing at all. These moments are very revealing, yet necessary. Today was one of those days for sure. It was a 30 minute meditation and it actually zipped by. I was not able to completely sit into a place of nothingness. However, I have also been told many times that there will always be a voice whispering to you or even screaming at you for some people.

    The motion that I am feeling even right now as I type this is a bit faster than I would like to feel. I am working on slowing down my overall motion. In other words, being mindful in every way about all of things around me. It needs to be done and it is happening as we speak. Motion is a very peculiar thing overall. People talk about how busy they are and how many things are happening around them. I have done it as well. What I am changing though, is shaving down all that is filler and replacing it with necessity. I don't have to stay online for an hour or waste an extra 40 minutes with a phone call that is draining me. I know you hear me loud and clear right now.

   This posting was a release of words that I needed to hear for myself. If it has helped you, I am happy for you. If it has moved you in any way, I am also happy. If it drifted right past your consciousness,then thank you for allowing me to use you as a mental sounding board. So to speak.
May abundance be with you.



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