Noticing Others And Gathering Nuggets


  One of the greatest joys in my life is my undying love of watching others and how they navigate through the day. I mean everything from what they wear, to whether say, to what they eat, and even what book or magazine they are holding. People tell us so much about themselves without even speaking.This is a truth that will never ever change. I have gained so much knowledge just from watching people and paying attention to minutiae. I love the silent exchange of information.

   I was in the food coop today that I am a member of here in Brooklyn. As I was going through the produce area, I ran into a woman that truly is a warm spirit that never shows me anything but the best energy and authenticity. She always smiles so warm when she sees me and she always shoots straight from the hip. She is a loving kith roof two who is happily married and a business owner as well. I looked at her as bespoke and noticed her very unique earrings and her beautiful eyes as well. Those were the things that stuck out immediately, outside of her warm smile. Then she asked me what was going on with me and I told her a few things that were on my plate. I spoke of some business ventures that loomed and she was happy to hear about them. Her presence is always right on point.

    As I stood there I noticed her iPod had a name on it that I recognized, but I did not know where I had heard it before. I asked he who she was listening to and she told me it was a man named Lewis Howes. You can see what he is all about HERE . She told me that I should listen to this guy because he talks about exactly what I am doing right now. I instantly downloaded his podcast right there in the aisle. She had passed a nugget to me and I was very grateful. I should explain the word "nugget". This is a term that I learned form doing lots of personal development and reading many books on becoming a stringer human being. It simply means that you have taken or been given a piece of information or insight that alters the way that you move forward from that point. I love to give nuggets and I love receiving them even more.

   So just from paying attention to her and asking a simple question, I gained knowledge of a man who is moving on the same path as me and I enjoyed listening to him as well as checking out his site. When I connect to a new energy, it invigorated me and lets me know that its all possible with focus. If he can do it, then so can I. Nuggets are all around us. They were once part of a whole and now they are floating around and glistening in their own way. They are there for whomever wants to pick them up. Paying more attention to others can and will change your life more than you think. We are not that different from one another. We just measure it by using the wrong bullet points. I believe in you. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog as always.



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