Missing A Piece Of The Story

  One of the most frustrating things about having a brain is that it can create the most outlandish scenarios with just a sliver of information. This one piece of information can create two Disney movies and a one man or woman drama out of thin air. Everything around us has a deeper story than what we see up front and center. Most people are not exactly who you think they are and the ones that are true to themselves and others through and through are few and far between. These are the gold mines in this life and I make sure that i stay as close to them as possible. They are not perfect, they are just shockingly real and upfront.

   So I had two situations today in which I allowed my mind to get taken on a bit of an uncomfortable ride. It was not for long, because I caught it. However, it was so strong as it tried to make its way out of my head and into my soul. The situations were simple yet capable of destroying my attitude if I allowed it. Firstly, I had to be at an apartment to let some guests from out of town into an apartment. They were supposed to arrive before 9 am. I was there bright and early to make sure that they were well taken care of no matter what. Their instructions were to call me when they were on their way in a cab. Actually, the rule is that I should know what form of transportation they are taking. This allows me to be prompt almost 95% of the time.

    This couple followed my directions by calling me when they were on their way. The downside though, was that they did not tell me what form of transportation they were taking and they did not use their own phone to call me. They had no service, so they borrowed phone to call me. This was a great move, however I did not know that did not call me from their own phone until they arrived. So what happened you may be asking? I called the number that they called me on at least 3 times to get an ETA  on their arrival. The first call, the voice on the other end was speaking fast and very irate. The second call was ignored. The last call was a screaming voice asking game why I am calling so many times! He hung up on me. I was perplexed to say the least.

     Now I am asking myself, why is this guy screaming at me when he is over two hours late to be here and I have gone out of my way to let him and his wife and child in 5 hours earlier than the normal time? I didn't take offense, I just took a deep breathe and prepared myself for his eventual arrival. What would I say? How would I say it? Would I express my frustration? I knew that I had to be calm and professional. I did not know where he was coming from in his mind to berate this way. Just like almost everything in this life, there was a missing piece to this story.

     Because they did not use their one phone, I was dialing some random man who did not know me at all. In his mind, I was being a complete nuisance and he wanted me to stop calling him. He had nothing to do with these people. He helped them with his phone and that was it. I did not know any of this until the man who arrived with his family told me in person. Now remember when I was asking myself what would I do, say, or act? That was all invented by me because I did not have all of the facts or the pieces of the puzzle. The man and his wife and child were very sweet people and they apologized and we moved forward. A heightened stress level is most often invented and nourished from within and almost never from the outside. I have to keep saying this to myself all of the time.

     I also let in another couple today. They wanted to come 2 hours earlier, however, I had to tell them that the place would only be ready maybe an hour before normal time. I made sure that it was ready an hour ahead of time, but when I emailed them to tell them so, they told me that they would arrive at the regular time. So I sat and waited for them for two hours more than the agreed time. During this time, my mind tried to sway me into the deep end. However, I stayed calm. When they arrived, apologized profusely. They told me that the train was on a holiday schedule and that they had to get there by half train and half taxi. I used the time wisely by reading and taking car of some other things.  My mind was telling me things like, maybe they were upset that I would not let them in earlier, so they are now making me wait? Why would they do this and be so disrespectful? Couldn't they have called at least? Don't they realize that I have other things to take care of today?

     All of the above was created by my mind. I made a Scorsese film from a mere fabricated comic strip in my head. They arrived with too many bags, tired and grossly apologetic as well. They were nice people. Both of the couples happened to be from Argentina to top it all off. That was a strange coincidence to say the very least. So there was no need to be agitated or in any way upset in the end. Both situations had a part of the puzzle that I could not see or be sure of until the final moment. Have you ever done this? I am sure that you have. I find the most magic in reviewing these times and balancing myself back to normal. I believe that very few people on earth are trying to hurt or disrespect us purposely.I just think that many of them are walking around with their own heavy baggage that somehow from time to time gets dumped on us or grazes by us. In these moments, we have to be more perceptive and more open. It creates more calm days on earth and a temporary springboard for those that really need it on which to bounce off of without getting scratched. On the other hand, some of us are just carrying too much of our own stuff around and we want to release it onto the next possible seemingly deserving contestant.

     Listen and get the entire story. It's usually not that bad at all. I feel so much better now that I have gotten that off of my chest. Whew!!!!!!!! Be well and don't allow anyone to disrupt your core. It's a permission based action. One love.



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