Let Me Show You How I Like To Be Treated

  We have people all around us no matter where ewe live in this awesome universe. We like certain things and we dislike certain things. If you are human, these categories are real. You can try to avoid one or the other, however, you will undoubtedly be unsuccessful. When someone is involved outside of yourself, there will be a conflict at some point no matter how you slice it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it can teach you so many things about the core of you.

   Let's say that you are speaking to someone and you shoot out a racial slur of sorts without knowing that your friend is actually biracial. He or she then becomes a bit agitated by your comment and you have to talk them down from the ledge so to speak. I can almost guarantee that you will not say anything further going forward about that topic. That person just taught you how they do not like to be spoken to in their own way.

   Here comes the breakdown. When you find a reason not to show people how you like to be treated because you feel that it could hinder you from an opportunity, you lose a part of yourself. These situations can include love, money, status, and even ego. There are a certain elite group of people in this world that will only step forward and do what they do for one price. Those people have a specific responsibility to uphold a certain standard no matter what. They are not allowed to have a bad day at work or play. They are getting paid to produce and that is it. These people are not always happy each and every day either. However, they tend to lead exceptional lives overall.

   When we lay down and get hit, we tend to get hit more and more and more. However, the moment that we stand up and plow forward, things seem to get out of our way and take notice of our tenacity and drive. Think about this. Have you're seen a pitiful back down from a fight? Now that may not be the best example because even a pitiful can be taught to be gentle if raised in the right environment. I think you see where I am coming from though. A friend of mine was discussing pay with me for a musical gig that he was doing. I asked him if he had a rate or if he just takes what they give him? He told me that he just took what they give him. When I asked why he did not ask for a set amount, his reply was that he did not know his rate. He has always just taken the money and ran with it.

   So now I ask you this in a very plain and direct way. How do you like to be treated? From how you are spoken to, addressed, and even paid. Does it matter to you that people treat you as if you were someone that is making a difference or just another breathing body? This is just a question, not a judgement. We cannot all see things the same way. So I am truly curious about how you feel? I once met a world famous singer, pianist, and overall outspoken and intelligent woman. I had been a fan of hers for years and just like that, she was face to face with me. She was with a young man when we met. As I was walking away from her to leave the room, I uttered the words, "OK,see you guys later." Here reply was,"Chase, I am not a guy." I was paralyzed from the ground up. I meant her no disrespect at all, yet somehow, she did not care for that sentence. I apologized and she was gracious and told me that it was OK. I really appreciated her letting me know how she like to be treated. I had received a life lesson in about 5 seconds. That was powerful.

   We have many choices in this life. What to eat, when to sleep, who to spend time with, and so on and so forth. So why can't we let other people know when something works or does not work for us? Why can't we say no when a situation comes up that someone wants us to join if we don't want to? In the end, there is always at least one or two or even more people that want to forge their own paths. That may not make them the hero every time at all for sure. When you buy food, you pay for the way they make it at the restaurant. When you buy a car, you pay for the way its made before you drive it. When you fly, you just accept the way that the plane will be flown and you just let it go and trust that you will make it to the other side. Isn't it much better to soar than to settle?

    When someone treats you the way that they think you should be treated, nine times out of ten, you taught them exactly what to do previously. We give indicators out quite frequently. The problem is, once you have given them an example or two or three, it's very difficult to dial it back and start over again. We are all a bit sensitive about our lives in one way or another. Just take stock of your own stamp in this life and do not let anyone else push down their stamp for you or even worse on you. You are a valuable asset. It's because of you that I am able to be me. Big blessings and major warmth.



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