Doing It When You Don't Want To

 This title applies to so many things. I was moved to write this today because I didn't want to go and take care of two things that I should have this morning. One was to attend a shift at the coop that have agreed to be apart of, and the other was to have a difficult meeting regarding a business matter. I am proud to say that both things were truly not as bad as my mind wanted to believe they were. Yet and still, I could have not done either of them and it would have been very different. These situations are what shape us as human beings.

  I am being challenged all of the time as we all are. There is nothing unique bout life throwing you some Dan Quisenberry (attract baseball reference), curve balls.  We just have to do what they do in baseball, put our glove out and catch it or at least get our mitt on the ball. When you hear that voice that is constantly rationalizing why you shouldn't do something, most of the time, just silence it. I have found that avoiding things only makes them appear stronger later on. That is one of the most consistent things that I have ever learned in my entire lifetime.

  I also have to write down the things that I am avoiding in some way. This will probably be a short list, but it will be a list nonetheless. This is something that I have done before and its time to do it again. I am doing it because I am a bit challenged by it. I find myself doing some things that I have not wanted to do lately. I know that its good for me. Shedding fears is my focus these days. I have many things to do as of yet.

   So many of us are assuming things that are not true and/or doing things that are truly not important to be doing, like worrying. I can only deal with myself, so I am coming to better terms with that. What are you thinking about right now? Is there anything that you are currently sweeping under the carpet? Take it on today. Just one thing is all that you need to do. Even if you cannot do it, set it up so that you can do it very soon. I believe in you.I appreciate you all.



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