Common Knowledge / Common Sense / Karma

   Now let me begin by stating one thing up front, I do not believe that knowledge is common. If it were, many people would have different lives all over the world. Just to be fair, lets clearly define what knowledge is to be thorough. I have conveniently provided it for you below:

  1. 1
    facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
    "a thirst for knowledge"
  2. So as you read this definition, what do you see is the problem here?If you get some facts, information,or a skill under your belt, that's considered knowledge. However, if you get it but do not use it, that's called many other things that I will not write here on this friendly blog.

    Now lets throw in common, just for good measure. Many things are common. Here are a few that come to mind:

    Loose shoe laces
    Not enough room to park a large car in NYC
    Six cars honking at one car in NYC traffic
    A gigantic line outside of one NYC restaurant a day after its awesome NY Times review
    Subway panhandlers
    People blaming others for things that they are responsible for starting in the first place

    So is it possible to have a common knowledge moment in NYC? I would say yes. However, knowledge is anything but common.

    Now let's deal with common sense. Here are some of my common sense views:

    Help tourists when they are lost
    Don't run out into the street before the light turns red
    Don't eat anything that you cannot pronounce
    Make sure that the circuit breaker is off before you do electrical work
    Never assume that a woman is ok when she says the word "fine"
    Never buy an umbrella that costs less than lunch for one

    Just to be clear, there are solely my views. I would bet that these are not common to everyone. Not even close. If sense was common, then people would realize that tearing each other down in any way is just futile and harmful to mankind. 

    So now we find ourselves at the word karma. In short, it means, what you do to or for others will come back to you exactly the same way. In my mind, this is very much on point. It's not a perfect science to most people, however, it is pretty darn close. I mean how many times have you done right and then at some other point, something was done to help or aid you? I have had this experience many, many times.

    What I really like about the word is that it is translated and used in all languages and religions in the entire world. Yet and still, not everyone agrees with it. That is fine as well. Everyone couldn't possibly believe in everything. The world would be much different if that were the case.

    This has been a seriously random posting. Hope you have enjoyed it. Bite the day in the backside. Peace



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