Choosing To Be Where You Are

 I have heard it said that we are right where we are supposed to be at this very moment. This has been said or written by those that I respect the most from the personal development world and so on. I believe this statement, even though it is sometimes difficult to swallow. If you look at your life right now, can you admit that you are choosing to be exactly in the state of mind and geographic place that you have chosen. I would bet that there would be quite a few people that would disagree and start to kick up a little dirt as well. I am not one of them at all. I have been shockingly real with myself of late. There are definitely some changes in the works in the very near future.

  Today I was at a Yankee game. If you have never been to the stadium, it is a spectacular place to see. The stadium is full of life and excitement. The refreshments are beyond expensive, and the fans are very serious about their team. They are in the top of the ranks right now in baseball and this makes the fans very happy. I was watching the game today with some amazing people that I love so much. Then my mind started to wander and ponder. Look at all of these people here in the stadium at 1 in the afternoon! There were almost 33 thousand people in attendance to watch a baseball game on a week day afternoon. Did they choose to be there? You bet they did and it was very intentional.

   How many of these people have jobs that actually let them attend this game today? How many people called out sick and decided to come here instead? Also, how many of them had other things to do with their money, but chose to come to the game anyway? These questions loomed heavily on mind. The thing that I knew for sure was that I could see all of them and they were happy. This made me happy. I also was fascinated by watching a player that is making $275,000,000 over ten years of playing. He hit two home runs today and that was great to see live as well. I am certain that it is possible to get paid what you are worth just by watching Mr. Alex Rodriguez. Even after having a scandal that rocked his world, that was no one's fault but his own, he is still moving forward. There is always a way to conquer the hurdles. Lucky for him, he actually has talent. Welcome to the land of opportunity. It fabulous to see it in action.

    I love to watch people who have chosen to be in a certain place and enjoying the crap out of it. Today was a great example of this. Actually, there are examples of this all over the place if you are willing to see them. It makes me plan and dream a little bit harder. I see so many things opening up and creating abundance for me and I am excited about it. What do you see opening up for you in the near future? Does it make you smile from ear to ear? Do you know what is keeping you from it right now? Do you believe that you have chosen to be right where you are right now? Think about it. I am sending you blessings and a bundle of abundance. Just because you deserve to breathe easier. Ciao





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