I was spending a little time with my young future superstar musician today. He is always bundles of energy and he is non stop. That boy can play until his limbs fall off. I don't mean the guitar either. I took him to a park to blow off some after school steam. He entered the park and it was on like buttered popcorn. He ran and swung and did it all. I watched from the bench and he was just in heaven. I love watching him have a ball.

   As I sat there, a woman sat down about 20 feet from me. She was about 60 something years of age. Her aura was strong and as I called out to Mr. Excitement, she asked me if I was in charge of him. I told her that I was and a conversation opened up. I immediately thought of the post that I had written on smiling. Her smile could light up the Golden Gate Bridge. I could tell that she was full of wisdom in so many ways and I could not wait to listen to it. She had my attention with just that. She absolutely led with her smile.

   Understand that this was not anything else but her soul opening up to me in an instant. We spoke about children and about our lives. She told me that she was Amir's grandmother. What a pleasant lady. The boys got along famously and we decided that they should meet again. I gave her my card and she told me that she would get in touch.

   This small interaction was just wonderful. We were both eager to engage with one another and it seems that these two young boys will probably meet again when we tell both of their mother's about the day. I live for days like this. If we could just stay open more, we could all experience so much more. She gave me some knowledge and I gave her some truth that I felt about young boys and what they do at this age. I even watched her school her grandson as he interrupted us. That was a classic moment that I will never forget.

    You just never know who you will run into and how they will affect you. What a life.



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