The Power Of Pleasant Weather / RATAHHHHHH TAT TAT

   Now I have lived in some places that are hot most of the year, namely Florida. However, I now live in a place that has all of the seasons and I enjoy it thoroughly. I have to say though, I do notice the difference in overall behavior when it just start to get nice and on through the summer. The warmth soothes us and we get to relax into our days and nights just a little bit more. Today is was about 64 degrees in the city. I could feel the energy of the people as I walked down the street. It was really nice. I feel this every year, but something was different about today specifically. I have never actually sat down and written about it before.

    I crossed Union Square today and I am telling you, every face that I saw was happy! There were couples laying around, kids playing soccer, skating, singing, selling their wares, and so forth. I stopped on a bench and just took it all in for a few moments and it was just perfect. New York is the kind of city that changes on a dime by the second, believe me. One day the snow has slowed the whole city down and the next people are frolicking in the park and dogs are leaping up in the air! That's what I love about this town. The diversity is unparalleled.

    It's funny because I have had so many days that were false alarms as far as the weather goes. I left my house with a scarf and a hat and a medium thick coat once again today. Low and behold, what does that mean anyway? I didn't need any of it. It was the first day this year that I actually could have made it through most of the day and not have been cold if I just had a nice shirt on. I was comfortable for the most part though. Just as a side note, it snowed on the first day of spring if my memory serves me right. How's that for a little twist?

    There is something about watching people smile and laugh as they sit at outdoor cafes and just let their hair out, so to speak. It's a noticeable release from the winter season and a welcoming into the spring and summer. Many magical things happen in this flower bursting part of the year.The vendors come out, the lovers lay in the park, and of course the leaves show their green abundance. I am always excited to see Central Park as the spring starts.

    All in all this city really hums in every season, but there is a little something special about this time and it shows. I pet so many random dogs today as well. I know that they can feel me when I am wanting to pet them because they come right up to me without their owners permission. Its one of the best feelings in the world as it relates to animals. They absolutely love the spring.

    Lastly, the doors to more businesses are wide open which feels great. Unfortunately, this can be a bad thing as well. Today as I was purchasing a veggie burger at a place that I had never been to before, something happened that got every one's attention. A rat scurried right in through the front doors as if he was picking up some food to go. New York rats are bold and they do not care at all. This set of a bit of confusion in the place. The people were then divided into groups. Those who saw the rat come in through the door and those who just saw the rat. Of course, the owner was up in arms because she was afraid that people would leave the place. There were only 4 guests in at the time and they were all getting take out orders.
     She then ordered one of her workers to get it, however, it ran into the kitchen area. This made it more difficult to catch it, as it had gone under the prep tables and oven area. I watched the mayhem a little bit and then my order came up and I thanked them and left. Actually, before that happened, the rat actually ran past me a little too close for comfort. He was racing at top speed. This was a classic NY moment. Many tourists would have gone out of their minds for sure if they had seen this. However, there were only natives there. What a moment...

     So spring is here. There are so many things to discover and to do. I am excited for it and I plan to stretch the boundaries even wider than the previous year. I challenge you to do the same. Enjoy yourself until we connect again. Thank you for being here.




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