The Magic Of Giving What You Have


   So in 5 more posts I will have rendered 500 posts. This is exciting on many levels, but first and foremost, its about all of my readers. I read a statistic chart from this blog a few moments ago, that is beyond humbling to say the very least. I cannot even display the number here because it is that unbelievable. I truly believe that people read this blog because they take something from it that helps them, entertains them, or maybe even just distracts them from life for a few minutes. I wanted to start out today by saying, thank you. There are many places to marinate on the net. Some of them are not so classy and some of them are really over the top, yet others are very specialized and so forth. If you choose to be here even once in a month, I am grateful for your presence. All that I do is give you a snapshot of the things that make my blood race or even stop at times, briefly of course. Either way, if you enjoy it, I am happy, very happy.

   Outside of writing and performing, I am presently mentoring/teaching 4 different people. They are a boy of 8, a woman of 26, a young man of 19, and a young woman of 73. Yes, I did write a young woman of 73. This woman doesn't look a day over 60 if you ask me. It is a challenge doing what I do with them. I am transferring my knowledge thus far from my passions onto them. Each one provides me with a different set of challenges based on their current knowledge. My teaching style with each one of them is completely different, however, my dedication with all of them is the same. We are all moving synergistically to the next level of knowledge. This is different for each person. I also love all of them as people. They are all top notch human beings.

   What is very moving for me, is that I can only give what I have within me.There is no way for me to give knowledge or experiences that I do not have.My journey has been my journey and my journey alone.I was speaking with my youngest student the other day and he called me to tell me that he found out something that I did not tell him about the guitar. My reply to him was that he was not finished learning yet, so we would have gotten to it sooner or later. There is always more to learn. I was so proud of him for going further without asking me.Even as I teach him, I am learning so much. We all have some knowledge or experience that someone else does not have. I do not think that there are any exceptions to this at all. The grass is greener mentality is not a real one. There are deficits within every mindset.

    Your knowledge is valuable to someone else somewhere in this world. If you find out how to give it away or to be compensated for providing it, you will be happy that you did. Actually, to be fair, this may not make you happy, therefore you shouldn't do it. You might just be here to lead by physical and verbal example without the teaching one on one. I learn from people that don't even talk to me all of the time. I look and tell myself that I won't be doing that the way that they did it. I might also tell myself that I am gong to achieve what that person did, but in my own unique way. The silent lessons are actually quite powerful. What you give or receive becomes part of you on your journey to the next nugget of experience. The ride so far has been decedent and it's getting better and better by the day. Get your piece. Just cut it out right from the center. You deserve it, don't you? Peace in! I just wanted to reverse that from peace out! I kind of like it....




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