The Gifts Contained In Rising Early

 I have been fascinated for quite some time at what happens in the first part of the day. The hours between let's say 5 and 7 am. This is a time that is shockingly quiet and ultra serene. I will not get a phone call 90 percent of the time. No one will ring my buzzer or come knocking on my door. I will not have a deadline to meet during this time. I will not be forced to speak to anyone on any level. I will almost always be left completely alone during this time. I also realize that we all live under different situations, living arrangements, and time zones. But the fact of the matter is, I do not care where you live or what you do, this time of the day is a goldmine of possibilities for higher learning and private growth.

  I did some organizing and some contemplating, as well as some reminiscing and some meditation. I am writing in a book daily that I call my gratefulness journal. The rules are simple, just write not thing a day that you are grateful for. That is just a simple way to stay in the space of appreciation and truth with your self. I love it. I presently have some Nina Simone on the stereo. She soothes me with her delivery. It's haunting, yet relaxing to my soul. Music is a definite must for me in the beginning of the day. However, there are mornings when the silence is necessary as well. Today was a combination of both.

   The sounds of the morning are also very powerful. That of course means that the absence of sound is also a great healer. I did not hear any cars this morning at first, however, I saw many runners out very early today as I looked outside of my window. I live near a gorgeous park, so I get to see over the treetops so to speak. As spring begins, I hear the birds more and more and they even seem very excited at the start of the new day most times. It's also nice to hear the dogs barking in the park as they go for morning walks and greet other dogs too. All of these sounds make the morning magical.

   In closing, I love the way that time seems to move slower in the early part of the day. It seems that you can do twice the amount of things that you can do during the middle of the day. This if course is not true. I believe that when we are more relaxed, we take more in and we live slower, therefore, producing better results in almost everything that we do. I have gotten some really important things done in the early morning. It's very powerful. Try waking up a few hours early, after going to bed earlier of course. I always accomplish good things during this time. Take the day or night by storm.





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