The Fatherless Child

   I cannot speak directly about this because I have 2 strong and able fathers. I wrote this for the child who does not have even one. To think of what they see or feel is not something that I can truly get close to, but I attempt it anyway. I have first hand knowledge and a front row seat because a little boy that I am close with is dealing with this right now. He is starting to question it and to look for a suitable person. He is not at fault to be on this quest at all.

   The woman is strong and full of countless tools. A woman is truly the fulcrum of life in many ways. I feel this with all of my being. However, she cannot display that which a man can and there for there is certainly a void where a young boy is concerned. Can a woman raise a healthy, polite, and forward thinking young man, who cares for others and makes a mark in this world? Yes, of course she can and has many times in the past. There is this other thing though, that will probably always be somewhat missing.

   So what is the answer? It will no doubt be different for different people. The influence of a strong male in the direction of a young and still forming male is crucial in my opinion. I am witnessing the vibe from him and he makes it clear that he wants a father. This is delicate, because I hear him loud and clear and its very authentic. I believe that when you search for something with the purest and undying clarify, you will eventually find it. If you feel that something in particular will give you a feeling of completion, it has to appear. On the other hand, it can also be said that we are complete as we are in some circles. We all have our particular yearnings though. If they make sense to us, then that is all that is needed.

    I watch him and I look into his eyes. They are saying something very specific and there is no doubt about what they are focused on. It's fascinating how a person can know that they need something, when they have never had it to begin with. It is instinctual I am guessing. It does not come with a rule book. In can't be denied. To all my men out there. If you can be a mentor, or a force that creates an open window for a fatherless child to look through, please do it. I have seen the difference that it makes and it is colossal.

    In closing, as I said in the beginning, how can we really know what is going on in a little mind? WE only know what we have experienced and that is it. I have experienced the power of 2 fathers and I am not sure where I would be without them. Although, my mother is quite the force of nature. She made many things happen and she could give the strongest of fathers a run for their money. But now that I think about it, she had a very strong father as well. I think you get the vibe that I am laying down. Be good to you and whomever else you can. Peace



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