The Broken Escalator / Kundalini Owns Me

   We all have things that are done for us in this life. I am referring to the things that just happen while we are enjoying the ride. For example, in certain states, you do not have to get out of the car to pump your gas. You sit there and it just happens. There is also this new craze called auto spell check. I do not have to explain that one at all I am sure. So the new generation does not have to spell well, because when they get it wrong, the computer corrects them. Does that make them stronger going forward? I think not. You can see where I am going with this.

    The concept of the broken escalator is simple. When you walk up to it, do you not use it because it's broken? Or do you scale the steps with the mi diet that you have to get to the top no matter what? Each person will obviously read this in a different way. I was on a broken escalator today. There were so many pouts and grimaces and so forth when they approached it. I mean it was really so comical. It happens in the men's bathroom as well. We get so programmed to put our hands under the sink and get water, that when it doesn't work, we get a little peeved even if it's only for a second. We really have an issue if we cannot turn on the faucet.

     When the escalator is broken, we have to walk. The thing is that the steps feel different when they are not moving for us. Each step makes a difference and we have a personal relationship with it. If for some reason we miss a step and feel the hard steel on our legs or hands, it wakes us right up. However, this rarely happens, because we know not to walk with the same comfortable vibe that we do when it is working. This can be applied to so many situations. Therefore if we all can just take some time to know the inside of a few things and go analog instead of digital, we could move mountains and help others at the same time.

      My class this evening in kundalini may have moved to my number 2 or even maybe first position of all time most challenging classes. It started with my mind. The teacher was a whole 15 minutes late to a class of 25 or so people. To add insult to injury, she is one of the owners. Then I spoke to one of my favorite yogis who happened to be there right next to me in class. She told me that she is always late on this day and that everyone is used to it. It did not make sense to me at all. Then she entered and asked everyone to put their hands up to their chests. There was no greeting , no explanation, nothing. I quickly realized that this was all expectation and that she owed me nothing at all. I was caught up in my story of how I believe people should treat one another. End of story.

      The class was very challenging on many levels. One of the first exercises was to lift only your left foot up while the other one was on the floor. You then had to shake it from your hip bone and keep shaking it and holding it at a 60 degree angle until she told us to stop. Now this was beyond challenging for me and I worked through it inch by inch, Then I realized that she actually told us to start with the right foot. So my mind took over and did not want to do the opposite foot that everyone else was doing, so I continued using the right foot for a second time!! Then we did it with both feet! After this, we did the same thing while holding our arms straight about our heads and shaking our wrists and fingers. This exercise was built to open all of the chakras in the body if I remember correctly. Trust me when I tell you, it did.

      I made it through and we all took a few moments of rest. I must have put my legs down about 5 different bikes, but I kept bringing them back up.This was followed by a few other movements. This class pushed me to another place and I could feel my whole body tingling and my blood racing. The teacher told us to remember that nothing has to hurt. It can just be challenging and that we decide if it hurts or not. That was another way to look at it for sure. There is a pert of the class when the teacher sounds a gong over and over again. It seems to be somewhat of a cool down and the sounds permeate your entire being. During this time, tears ran down my face, once again. I had released something that needed to leave my body. I was grateful for it. I go to class to get closer to my balance and to shed that which is not necessary in my vehicle. I will never forget tonight's class.




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