The 10,000 Hour Principle

  I was reading a Malcolm Gladwell book today entitled "Outliers."It's a quite famous book that delves into the concept of those who are on the outside of normalcy. Those who have done extraordinary things in a less than ordinary time frames. This book is full of some great examples as well as some really thought provoking concepts. This book surely does not need my praises, as it has been a world best seller for quite some time. It is definitely an intriguing book that I highly recommend. It makes you think and evaluate were you stand for yourself.

   It has been said by many a high level thinker or writer that it takes ten thousand hours or more to become a professional, or an expert, or any one of those loaded words. Somehow, this book made me think of my hours over the past 24 or so years that I have been doing what I do. I mean, unless you have had a timer going each and every time that you do the work that inspires you, how can you really know? I love this concept, however, I know that each person has their own way of getting from point A to point B. I am a student as it relates to reaching my potential in the arts. I just keep on searching and finding new ways to find new magic.

   As I read the book today, the stories were riveting. The explanations and the history behind so many brilliant minds was just so stimulating. The one reoccurring theme though, was that each one of these people had some sort of built in privilege that gave them a little bit of an edge. Meaning, some person that gave them access to something that was off limits to others, or being born at a certain time a bit earlier than the next man. The whole story is rarely spoken about. For example, if Tiger Woods do not have a father that played golf that allowed him to trail him from a very young age, could Tiger have turned out differently? The answer is, of course he could have. But it all turned out the way that it was supposed to in the end.

    I was all moved to read about The Beatles and how much they actually played on stage before they were known around the world. They have several thousands of hours racked up and that is one of the reasons that they became unstoppable. It has been proven time and time again that the consistent one is almost always the one that makes the biggest strides. When I think of how long I have been performing on stages, I know that my hours are way up there, yet I have a deep desire to become better, sharper, and most of all, more engaging. That can be achieved by not stopping, I am certain of this. I am not concerned with the benchmark as much as I am concerned with the fluidity that I feel within myself as well as the ability to inspire others.

    If you are curious, take about 30 minutes and dip into this book. I found it so interesting and so true on many levels. The book is not new, but it's a classic for any curious and out of the box thinker. If you had to think of how many hours you have been doing the thing that you are an expert at right now, what would it be? Have you been doing it for at least ten thousand hours of your life? That  sounds quite daunting doesn't it? Just some food for thought. Sending you tons of spirit power.



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