Rationalizing The Crazy

  It's a very common thing. You are involved with a situation and you just cannot seem to see how crazy it is on your own. So you reach out to others and attempt to get some clarity. Then when they give you a viable and sane solution, you run into an "askhole". This is a person that asks for advice and then does the opposite thing. Think about it, I bet you know at least 5 people like this. The other solution is to just take carafe it assigning your best judgement. That of course is what got you into the mess in the first place right? But maybe this time it will be better, who knows?

   Let's say that you need something and for financial reasons you cannot get it at this particular moment. So you reach out to someone who can help you and they wind up getting it done for you. Well, as the saying goes, nothing is for free. Over the years, I have come to believe that some things are free. Love, tenderness, awareness, and the gift of our time can be given freely. The snag comes in when you are not feeling god about giving them away. Then there is a cost. The cost is your sanity, your calmness, your mental health. We are all more important than some financial problem.

   If someone asked you what would you do if all of a sudden you did not have your car, what would you say? Would you find a way to get to work, or school, or to your partner's house? I am going to say yes, you would most certainly figure it out. As a matter of a fact, yes, I know that you would. So what happens when we rationalize the crazy? What happens when we believe that we are stuck in the situation with no way out at all? We tell ourselves that there is no way out, but there always is another way.

   Speaking with a good friend today I heard the gridlocking of her soul and the fact that she was being crushed by a person that is not compassionate in the least. I would do anything to just gather all of these people and let them know how much they are hurting all of our forward movement. But there is hope! There is always someone to lean on, even temporarily. There is always a way to ingest a little bit of rocket fuel into your system. I write this blog with the hopes of just making a minor dent into a few people's mentality. I am not perfect, far from it. I show up here to release and to reboot every time. I am learning many things rapidly.

   What I really know for absolute certain is that we can reverse just about anything. Health problems have been reduced down to almost nothing. Many people who spent their whole lives broke and homeless are now wildly successful. Also, those who were battered, disrespected, and even ignored by their partners, are now in very healthy relationships or marriages. How did this happen then? It happened when they stopped rationalizing the crazy parts in their lives. The ones who love you or that you love are always going to be there for you and you for them. Look for the cracks in the vase and then began looking through them.In other words, if you are encased in a situation that seems dark and without escape, there is always an out. Loving yourself is first. Listening to people who tell you that you are less than and incapable is your choice.

    I am writing this particular posting for a specific person. I know that she reads this blog and I know that she would benefit from the energy of all of you. Please send her your thoughts and blessings. She lives in the middle of America and she is battling a medical ailment. Send her your love and kindness silently for me. I believe that the world needs her presence in many ways. If you can take just 2 minutes right now and close your eyes just to silently send her some light. I know that she will feel it. Each one of us needs all of us.Thank you all so very much. All is good and all is in divine order.



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