Process Pushing

 We do not know what the next day holds. We would like to, we think that we do sometimes, however, we don't. It's exciting on some levels, yet most of the time it can be very unsettling. To think that there are some people who gave up on themselves and even others right before something massive was about to happen. In other words, they stopped mining right before they struck gold. So what is it about the process of growing, getting ahead, or making it, that we are so unsettled about?

  I know that many of us think that we should be on a higher level by now. There are even those who have no idea how they got to be so successful when they did all of the wrong things in their book. But the real point that I am getting at is that I now know that we are all involved in our own process. Meaning that we can fight it or take it easy and let it take its course. Does hard work and focus help? Yes, it does and always will, however, each one of us has a process to go through no matter what we do. That thing that happened right smack dab in the middle of your blissful life was meant to happen for sure. How could you have gotten forward if it had not ripped the bottom out of your vessel? You would not have been strong enough to handle the next frame had you not hit the wall first.

   Film can be pushed in the lab and a young child can be pushed harder on a sled in the snow, but we cannot make the process of our forward motion go faster or cut corners to get their either. Have you ever looked into some one's eye and just knew that they had either given up already, or just had so much certainty that they were going to succeed? These are things that I still see all of the time. The winners know that they are going to win and the other people, not necessarily losers, know that they will fold early. It's an awesome consistency that I notice constantly.

   So while we are be careful not to push the process, what exactly are we doing? Are we supposed to just let everything navigate us and just release the reigns completely? I say no, but we also have to realize when to let things just be the way that they are. I have a friend that is so talented and so ready to concur the world, yet they feel like they are just not moving forward. I spoke with them recently and they told me that they might just throw in the towel and get a job to just coast and not have to worry about if their dreams come true at all. I urged them not to do this. I begged them to reconsider. They did in a couple of days, by the way. I was very relieved and inspired as well.

    In closing, I am getting better and better and just gliding along with the process. I do many things while I am on my path, yet, I never lose focus as to what I want to achieve. Have I been behind the eight ball a few times? Indeed I have. Will I be there again? Most certainly.However, I will not be alone. All of us are inside of the process of becoming more and learning more. How much do you want to gain? If you are good where you are, great for you. But if you are not, stay on the ride and don't get on another train because you feel that to will take you to a better destination. Get off at your station and make it happen for you. Be well.




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