Prepared To Be Unprepared

 We would all love it if things just worked out the way that we planned it to. It would seem to be so much easier in the long right? Well, truthfully it would always wind up having a little but of a turn to it no matter what. I titled this posting this because we should all be at least a little. It prepared for those times that don't go as we plan it to. This is not to say that we should not expect things to go well at all. I am saying that if they do go wrong, just be ready to dust off and move on as fast and as fluidly as possible.

  I had a lesson to get to today at 1 pm. I got caught in traffic and I was sure that I would be late to teach my class. I got a slight bit of anxiety behind this, however, I told myself silently to relax and that it would all be fine. Not even 10 minutes later I got a text for my student saying that she was tired and could not do the lesson until Thursday or so. The universe had heard me or it just wasn't meant to be today. I then wanted to pick some of my friends up from the airport. I was there on time, however, my friends did not get the messages and they took a cab. I met them at their hotel.

   All I want to say in this brief posting is that, when things go wrong, they are still great. We are not here to achieve perfection. We have to get as many misses that we can until they almost dwindle down to nothing. There will always be something though, always.

    I could not close my eyes tonight until I wrote this. I just had to get it out.




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