One Hand Washed The Other

   So there I was waiting for the train not he way in to the city. In NYC we have our trains that we like to take as well as the ones that are obviously convenient to our apartments or homes. Being on the train system in an experience that you will never forget if you take it just one time. The people are moving fast and with purpose. The trains are mostly gritty and very worn in. This is just common and we see it every day.

   When we are on the platform, as natives, we know certain things that tourists will not figure out while they are here. For example, certain trains will let you out exactly where you want to be above ground if you leave through the right exit. This requires getting on the train in the right car. This is helpful and becomes very easy to do once you pay attention to it. However, some trains are actually smaller in length. So you wait for it and then it passes you and you have to run. This not the most fun when it happens, trust me. You are there, relaxed and comfy, and then you are an Olympic sprinter 5 seconds after the train arrives. This can always be avoided if you know what stop this happens at and position yourself on the platform properly.

    Anyhow, I was there waiting for a train and one arrived bout 5 minutes after I entered the station. This was not my train, unfortunately. It was also one of those trains that platforms in the middle and not over the entire track. I looked to the side and I could see a small woman sprinting to catch the train. She was not going to make it. Her legs were not putting out enough energy at all. So I stepped forward to act as if I was getting on the train. The conductor saw me and asked if I was going to get on as he was about to close the doors. I told him that I was not getting on but the woman to the side was. He smiled and thanked me. Then the woman running also smiled and thanked me. It was a great feeling.

    This story just gave me a boost because it was another example of how two unrelated energies helped a third energy. It was a small gesture that was very easy to do. I was actually most surprised by the conductors thank you than the woman's. He was so open and happy and receptive and it showed. By literally stepping forward, I changed the forward motion in another persons day. Had she missed that train, I am certain that we would not have spoken at all. As she endured the train she looked at me with her hands in the shape of a person praying and mouthed the words, "Thank you." I enjoyed every second of it.

     There will always be a hand in your very near vicinity that needs a helping hand. So when that moment becomes evident to you, do you see yourself as cause in the matter or just a spectator with your now problems do deal with? Just a question. Either way, we are all so very connected. That's my story and I am sticking to it.



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