Moving You Into Action Vs. Soothing You Into Distraction

   I have had some of the most eye opening experiences in business dealing in the past two years. I have learned that you have to set parameters for people in order to gain their respect. This works in both directions. When you set a specific intention that has repercussions if it is not reached, versus just letting things happen and accepting it will go how it will go is very different. There is a flow in life for sure. There is also a certain amount of letting things go as well. However, when you are dealing with moving forward for a very specific goal, you have to be vigilant.

    Here is an example. If you hire me to pick you up at a specific location at 4 pm everyday for the next 5 months. What would you do if I was late for the first 4 times? Let's say that I arrived at 4:30 each time. Would you continue to pay me and just adjust your day accordingly, or would you get a new driver? How about this one? You and I are dating and I offer to cook dinner for you in your apartment every Tuesday night for the next month. The first Tuesday, I have to work. The second Tuesday, I get tickets to go out with the guys, The next Tuesday, I am tired and want to go to sleep. The last Tuesday, I have to finish a big project at work and stay late. Where would that leave your impression of me? I think I have hammered my point home.

     So what moves you into action to complete things around you that are I'm,portent to you? Is it money, sex, free time, cars, jewelry? We all have a button that moves us into action. It is definitely different from person to person. I tend to be moved by people in general. If I know that what I am going to do is going to seriously affect you, I am on it. I mean this in a positive way only. I can be motivated by money if it is also connected to a worth while scenario. So what moves you not action right now? What is the thing that you cannot say no to no matter what it is attached to in your life?

    Here is another scenario. What sounds better to you? I will give you 50 grand at the end to work out for one hour every day for 6 months. Or I will give you 50 dollars a day to work out for 30 minutes a day for 3 months. However, if you miss a day, all of the money has to be given back and you start from zero again. If you had 2 years to write a book starting today, when would you start? Also, if you wrote the book and completed it, the word count has to be over 190,000 words complete. You would be paid 1 dollar per word. It would not matter how good it was, just that it was a real story with a flow and that it made sense.

    Now, how do we get soothed into distraction. For me I can say it happens sometimes without reason. I am working on a project, then I get a call that pulls me away, then I am completely moved away from it until I chose to return. Or maybe I am not in a quiet or private place and people walk up to me or just make noises or something like this, and it tanks again. But do you ever notice how when you are razor sharp focused nothing else matters at all. Like eating your favorite desert or making love to your partner or even just watching a very emotional and engaging movie. It keeps us focused and very much non distracted.

     To wrap this up, I am noticing the things so much more. The things that don't move me are being filtered out. Because if I keep them around me, I waste time and I don't accomplish much. The things that soothe me into distraction usually do not have that much long term value attached to them. Don't get me wrong though, every once in a while, it is good for the mind to not have an agenda at all. That is a different head space and that should definitely be done. Distraction take us out of action. So when we are not in action, we have to accept that which arrives during that time. It's a good day when I bring a certain thing to my own attention! Wow.

      Just for clarity, this post was sparked by a client who did not adhere to a contract. Imagine that.
Kick it people!



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