Life Is Short, Or Is It?

 We all hear people say that life is short. When I personally hear this, I stop and consider the source. I also say to myself inside over and over again, life does not have to be short. It seems to connote that we do not have time to do the things that we want to do. However, we do have time to do the things that we want to do. It's just that we seem to always be told that everything is on a timer. Not the kind of timer that you would use to bake a cake, but the kind that can just rob your life from right under our noses. There is no need for this in my humble opinion.

   Life s short to those who know that they are dying from a disease, but even then, they have no idea when it will take them. They have no idea what the exact day is. People have outlived death sentences by several years and that will never change. The highest of spirits have circumvented their lives ending merely because they believed that their lives are long and not short. A movie can be short, a street can be short, and even a conversation. However, I believe that I can extend my experience here on earth. We can choose how we eat, exercise, and even whom we spend most of our time with in her lives. This is fact no matter how we slice it.

    I do understand and even agree that other times people say this sentence to get a point across that not one person is promised tomorrow. This is something that I resonate with and take seriously. It's just that the quality in our existing moments is so important. We always know how much gas we have in our car, most of the us. We can always tell when we are running out of tissues or even food in the fridge correct? But we do not know when our last day is, we can all agree on this point. I just want to bring a new energy to the time that we have. Each day that we wake up, we can make a deposit into our account as it relates to our possibility for greatness. You ever notice how certain people can create such grand lives from almost nothing? So why can't we sustain an existing great life for longer than society tells us that we can?

     Anything can happen to anyone at any time and its curtains. My point is this. We speak our lives into existence. I am triple sure of this fact. So if we choose to do more, be more, give more, and live longer, can't we achieve that over and over again? Once again, outside of the things that we cannot control. Words have immeasurable power to move mountains. Let's change "life is short," to "life is full of immeasurable possibilities." It can only help in the long run. Not everyone wants to extend their lives. I respect that fully. You have to take your own road. Just do not short change the road that has gotten you this far. By the way, the book that you see above got my attention when I read the cover. I literally found it about 15 minutes or so ago. It capsulized what I was thinking about. Now I have to read it and see where it takes me. There are no mistakes.Thank you for being here as always.



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