Let's Do Less At A Time

 After speaking with a very unique person in my circles, I had an epiphany. It seems that every new product is bringing us closer and closer to being disconnected from one another. They claim to help our lives, yet they make things that we would normally do with people, turn into things that we can do alone. Some of them are good, but most of them are not. If we can surf the net, talk on the phone, watch our child, and paint our nails (ladies), then how focused are we in that moment? It all focuses around doing as much as we can at one time. Is it good or a hindrance?

  There is a new watch that just came out from a certain company. I choose not to say it here because they truly do not need my promotional skills at all. I saw it and it looks very futuristic and next level. So I asked myself what function does it really solve? Less to carry? Answering calls on your wrist? I am not sure that I am fully getting it. No disrespect to that company though, they make brilliant products for sure. But now, both hands will be occupied at the same time. The one that you look at and the one that presses it. To top it off, now your head will really be down for sure. So you will get emails, send emails, take pictures, record voice memos, track running and sporting activities and so forth. That is just the tip of the iceberg on that device.

   The truth is, I have the best time when I am doing one thing in a concentrated fashion. I have pulled myself back so much from multitasking. As I write this, my phone is ringing. Last week I shared a small meal with a friend and it was glorious. We sat and talked and had tea and there were almost no distractions. Except the one time when their phone rang too. It was work related. But I do remember how we just sat there and talked and concentrated on the moment. It was very fulfilling.

    So my new quest is to just do the thing that I am doing when I am doing it. The world has become multitask central on many levels. I still have to catch myself from time to time. My mind is like a 4 year old on crack most days. I am just becoming more aware of it every day. My good friend told me the other day that he is getting a computer that will enable hm to open up all of the computers programs at one time. This is what sparked this posting. I mean think about it. How many people can you effectively hold a conversation with at one table with normal back and forth communication? How many stories can you write at one time with one pen? How many things can you look at one time? How many conversations can you just listen to at one time? I think you get my point. At the very least guys, and I do mean guys. We can get women to stop asking us if we are listening to them, by just really listening. That is worth so very much to me. Food for thought. Moving forward as I do the next thing.



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