Lessons From My Mother's Mother

  Today is yet another special day. On this day, my mother's mother was born. She passed quite a few years back and I still miss her. I know that she was a bit strict with my mother and aunt of sure. I have heard stories about how she raised them and she was quite the perfectionist. I remember her as a woman that could make anything from anything. She could tell me that she had nothing in the fridge when I ask her for some food, and out of nowhere create a five star meal that looked and tasted divine. She would then tell me that it's really nothing and walk away to do something else incredible. I remember her making a centerpiece from dollar bills that looked so much like real flowers that I had to walk up close to it just to be sure. My grandmother was an artistic savant.

    So I asked my mother a few questions about her mother today. She told me that she went to pay her respects at the cemetery and let her know that everyone was doing just fine. She then realized that her mother knew that we were all doing well for sure. My first question was what does she remember hearing her mother say from when she was younger that she knows is definitely true to this day? Her answer was that she would always hear her mother saying that all of the people that she thought were her real friends are mostly not at all. In other words, you have about as many real friends as you can count on one hand. That must have felt a bit jarring to hear when she was young, but I agree with it as well.

    My mother also said that she learned to speak to people and to let them know who you are. I remember her always speaking to people in a kind and engaging way. They loved her wherever she went. Without a doubt, she had a way of just lighting up a room with her pristine way of dressing and her ability to laugh and smile with such grace. She also recited the Lord's Prayer daily as I remember. My mom told me that she does that in the car sometimes when she drives. This was interesting to me as well. I remember her making me memorize it, in a friendly way.

    I enjoyed asking about the lessons that she received. It lets me know why some of the lessons that I learned from my mother exist inside of me to this day as well. My mother's mother was a person that people called for advice constantly, however, at the same time, she would not spread any rumors. She would stay out of other's people's business. She was also a school teacher, if I forget to mention that. I just remember her always talking about how the other teacher's wanted her to make things and to take the wheel in many situations. She was solid, effective, and beyond classy. They all wanted the special sauce that she had. They must have lost sleep trying to recreate her magic.

    I waned to speak to my mother's sister today, but in true family form, she was being of service to someone that she cares about and she was unreachable. I wanted to ask her about her mother and to see what she gleaned from her in all of their year together. I know that she will have some juicy answers as well. I truly have some of the most eclectic and engaging family members that you will ever see. I am biased, I know. However, they are so worth bragging about. Oh! I almost forgot. My cousin lives near my mother and she is presently taking care of her father who is not doing too well these days. He is in good hands with her though, what a power house of care she is. When my mother asked her if she was going to the cemetery today, she told her that she would probably go alone alter on in the day. But she also said that it's just fine if she doesn't make it though, because my grandmother speaks to her in her dreams all of the time. Now that was a divine statement if there ever was.

    I love my family to pieces. They are the reason that I have my zeal for life. I am certain of this. I am beyond thankful for them. I cannot tell you how much I love my mother. She is one of the most solid, caring, unselfish, and tenacious human beings that I have ever come into contact with in this lifetime thus far. I truly have never seen something break her down for more than maybe a day yet. The one or two times that I have seen her challenged, she has gotten up and moved briskly forward only to come stronger. I am thankful for every piece of her that accompanies me each and every day no matter what I am doing. My mother's mother did well with her and now I am doing well as a result. You are missed Grandma. Rest in peace as always. We remember you in a grand fashion.



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