I Am

I am present.
I am grateful.
I am curious.
I am a daily dreamer.
I am in love with giving.
I am going to make a unicycle for the summer.
I am full of promise.
I am a bit overwhelmed at times.
I am tired of excuses.
I am listening more.
I am no longer using the word "try".
I am confused as to why racism still exists.
I am wondering why people don't want more from themselves.
I am seeking the answers to life's challenges.
I am certain that I will own a restaurant one day.
I am not giving up on any of my aspirations.
I am not putting up a front just to be accepted.
I am not listening to negative people who have not achieved what I plan to.
I am loving the new Alice Smith CD.
I am planning to go somewhere that I have never been in 2016.
I am visualizing my books on the shelf at bookstores all over the world.
I am hearing an idea for a song right now.
I am certain that love is still the answer to almost everything.
I am so excited to know that some of my hardest lessons are finally sticking.
I am amazed at how vast the human brain truly is.
I am obsessed with the library.
I am never bored.
I have a soft spot for the underdog.
I am always in need of just a little more sleep.
I am positively paralyzed by the sound of children singing.
I am never tired of drinking fresh squeezed juice.
I am seriously hooked on TED talks and I see myself giving one.
I am open to any newness at all.
I am full of bizarre facts that I release at will to whomever is next to me.
I am quite frequently thinking of what my children's names will be.
I am constantly thinking about things that I can make with my hands instead of buying them.
I am proud of who I am.
I am going to sleep now.



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