Cultivating The Inner Sanctuary

  Good day or evening good people. Today marks the 500th posting!! The book is set into motion as of tomorrow. I could not be happier. As I have said a few posts ago, Brigitte is moving her way back into the rotation here on this blog. Hopefully in the near future we will be alternating days and offering a male and female perspective on the magic in each one of our days. Please feel free to comment on anything that moves you. Once again please welcome some powerful sentiments from Brigitte below.

    I have been an energy practitioner using hands-on "energy healing"; Reiki,Yuen Method, and a            few other techniques that I have studied over several years.  My introduction to energy healing    occurred through people I did not know but toward whom I felt a connection and openness.  This work serves multiple purposes:  some people come to see us for emotional, physical or mental discomfort; others simply to relax; some people want to refine their lives, gain clarity and create new options. I find myself in the space of openness and infinity with my clients -- helping them to be available for whatever needs to occur in their lives in that particular time

  During and after each healing session, I always feel a sense of deep gratitude -- gratitude that I know that I am fulfilling a purpose that is part of my life mission and gratitude that I can be there to support another human being.  It is often a humbling experience, simply to be there, listening, nonjudgmental, open and available to the process of another -- however that tends to manifest.

   One of the most powerful things that I have learned about this healing work in my life is the power of my own meditation practice.  I believe my meditation practice supports the healing work that I do and I encourage others to strengthen themselves by helping them to connect with their own sacred inner meditative environment.  I suggest that they continue the practices on their own as the deliciousness of the healing journey is cultivated regularly by going within. I also love exploring the power of silence and what can occur in an open space within and around us without words.  I believe one of the greatest gifts we can receive or give is helping another learn how to empower themselves through the liberation that can come through numerous methods including energy healing, meditation, yoga, ongoing self-care strategies and simply being kind to oneself.  I feel that being kind to yourself, loving yourself, and nurturing yourself, creates the foundation for truly loving and supporting others.


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