Coaches, Mentors, And Those Who Set An Example

 I had a long conversation with a woman who hired a dating coach today.It was a fascinating conversation, trust me. She was so excited by the fact that he gave his time by session and not by the amount of time that they talked. This was amazing to me because usually they get paid by the hour. So this means that each client can speak with him for hours and get through all that they need to discuss. She spoke of their connection and how they got along so well. I was surprised to hear that they flirted quite a bit too. He sounded like quite a charmer and even told her that they should meet up in the near future. I love listening to her and I could feel her joy. A new energy is always a breath of fresh air, however, no matter how much we are coached, we have to show up and use our tools.

   Somehow after we started talking about the coach, I asked her how much was a dating coach these days? Have you ever asked someone the price of something and they take the longest way around to tell you, but never arrive at an answer? This was one of those times. She told me that it was not too bad, but that she was referred and a few other things. Then she said that it was done over the phone thing and that it was not a set time and all of that. I never got my answer as to how much it was. She avoided the question like the plague. I still cannot figure out why that question stifled her. I left it alone and went on to a new topic.

    As you all know by now, I mentor a 19 year young man. He is bright, sharp, open minded, talented, and most of all so very polite. I love to listen to him when he is working his way through one of the songs that we are working on and I love for him to arrive as excited as he usually is when he walks into my apartment. Mentoring him is extremely humbling, as I have said before. He is a great student and he really takes heart what i am teaching him.There is no money exchange at all. Just 2 people exchanging ideas and teachings. When you love to do something for free, then you are tapping into the rich, chocolate center middle of your soul. I love that part of my life.The part that just begs me to get to it just to once again be over the top ecstatic.

     We are all setting examples for others whether we know and like it or not. The way that we speak, walk, write, or even wear clothes. So why is it that some examples get to travel more than others? Why does a bad example often get more airtime than a good one? To give a short answer that I completely sign on with, tough lessons, examples, or situations that are negative get all of our attention much faster. I believe that if you are doing more than you are asked to do on a consistent basis, then you will be properly rewarded in the very near future. When you continue on this path, the message becomes clearer that other people can adapt to this plan if they only knew how to get a healthy coach, who will mentor them and then keep on setting a good example. This concept is the one that gets me up quicker in the morning.

    I am sure that anyone can be a mentor, coach, or one that just sets and example for many. You only need to realize that you will always know more than someone else. If you are willing to strengthen that person by offering them some of what you have, you will always be on top. All this talk about experts can really be a bit much. I have always learned that the expert is very consistently the one who thinks he or she has seen and done everything. My teachings have taught me quite the opposite. When you remain a student forever and stay open, you will never suffer from boredom and you will always continue to reach higher. That is where I live. I send you calm vibes.



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