Checking In From The Outside

  This is a post about people who are on the outside of a situation that check in with you about it, even though it does not concern them at all. Let me explain. I was doing my monthly shift at my local coop. I am there for 2 hours and 45 minutes each month without fail. If I miss a shift, I have to do 2 shifts and so on and so forth, I love to be there for many reasons. I have written about it at length in past postings. I love the connections, the interactions, and the overall vibe in this building. I am friends with many people there and they embrace me as well. If you cannot be around lots of interaction, this is not the place for you at all.

   About two weeks ago while I was doing my shift, a woman came up to me that I am casually friends with mostly while I am there. She is a pleasant woman who always smiles at me and greets me with warmth. I have actually seen her many times outside of the coop in Brooklyn and in Manhattan just randomly. She is alone or I am with friends or visa versa. We also have a mutual friend that passed away about a year ago that we have spoken about briefly since he passed. He was very dear to the both of us. This is the basic back story about tour interaction.

   On this particular day, when she walked up to me, I was doing a shift and she was not. She was just shopping in the store and I turned around and she was right there. At the time, I was in a conversation with another worker. The gist of the story is that she was in a little bit of a quagmire and needed some extra cash. I had 12 dollars in my pocket, so I gave it to her. She thanked me ever so graciously and told me that she would return it to me as soon as possible. She had left her purse somewhere or something to that rhythm. I told her that it was no problem and that whenever she returned it was fine.  The other woman that I was talking to before she walked up saw this entire interaction.

   If there is one thing that I know for sure, it is that we are all taking lessons from each other on every level. I did not think that she was paying that close of attention to this small interaction. The next time that I came to the coop was about one week after that shift. As I entered and showed my card, I was told that there was a message upstairs for me in the office. I had not idea what that meant, so I went up to retrieve it. Add I was handed an envelope, I realized that is must be the money that I had loaned my good friend. It was a red envelope with my name on it. Inside was a Thank You note and the money. I was at peace with this and the note was a nice touch. Those who keep their word are still in high demand.

   Today, I ran into the woman that was next to me during that interaction. She and I work the same shift, so I see her every time. She is also a very nice woman and she always makes a point to say hello to me and ask how my weekend was. My shift falls on a Monday every time. I told her that it was a great weekend and that all was well. She told me that hers was great as well. Then out of nowhere, she asked me what ever happened with that money that I loaned to that woman? She wanted to know if I had gotten it back? A few things went through my head, however, I told her that she actually returned it very quickly and that all was well. She commented that she wondered of it had panned out because lending money like that can sometimes be tricky and can turn into a let down. I agreed, but I also told her that I trusted her somehow before I released the money. I knew that she asked me because she could feel my spirit as well. She was a bit taken aback by that response, but it was true.

    About 15 minutes later, my friend that I loaned the money too walked by.We spoke briefly and she thanked me again. I told her that it was pleasure to have helped her. As I rolled back to the moment when she asked me, all I could think of was what would I have wanted to happen if I was in her shoes? She did not seem desperate or anything. However, she just needed to solve a little glitch and she did. We have all been there and most of us will be there again in the future for reasons mostly out of our control. So why did that woman carry that story for so long? Was she connected to it because she wanted to hear me say that the girl never gave back my money? Maybe she was just testing the strength of humanity and wanted to add this to her files of "the good people". Either way, I was surprised by this because it had passed so quickly and so seemingly insignificant. However, we never know how a moment like that or any other registers in another persons psyche, now do we? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm? Sending you all the best that I can muster.



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