Amanda Palmer Revisited

  I wrote a post about Amanda Palmer not too long ago and since then, I have been more and more impressed with her. I am nearing the end of reading her book and I am just so proud to have met her and given her a hug in person. She is authentic, driven, curious, and very connected to her craft. She has been so many things on the road to her present fame. I use that word very lightly. Reason being, she does not consider herself a celebrity at all. She just is who she is and she is still amazed at how far she has come. That is so humbling and so refreshing.

   The book is really such a smooth and moving journey through this woman's life. It is taking every inch of my patience not to tell you all about the book, so let me not go there. I respect her ability to tell the story of her journey.  It was not all clean at all. That is so much of the journey, the unclean parts. I know so many artists that want the ride to be clean and without any negative incidents. That is like saying you want to get married to someone, but you don't want to ever disagree or have any rough patches. How possible is that? It's not. You have to hit the bumps to appreciate the well paved roads.

   I placed the book on MY INSTAGRAM feed as well, to let everyone know to please read this book. That is how excited it has made me. I believe that we have to celebrate those that move us. This life is not about just ourselves because we cannot make it out here all alone no matter how good we think we are. We all add to the magic of each other. We all carry the weight of each others dreams from time to time. If we recognize this, then we can all make each others journey a lot less heavy.

    Side note about Amanda Palmer. Her forward was written by another woman who's writings  I really enjoy reading named Brene Brown.  Please google her on YouTube and get acquainted with some of her many videos. You can also click on her name and it will take you to one of my favorites of her videos.This is an example of two very powerful beings finding each other and lifting each other even higher. I love it. I watched a Brene Brown video just yesterday and I loved it as usual. If only more men could realize how much wisdom is inside if a woman, they would surely listen more and talk less. Let's celebrate each others brilliance even more starting right now.  Peace and hair grease.





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