While We Are Here

  This will be a short posting. I am fortunate to have not one, not 2, but 3 parents alive. This is a rarity these days for sure. They each have very unique personalities and make a clear impression wherever they go. I have mentioned them in many posts in the past. I love and appreciate them in ways that I cannot explain. I bring all of this up because I had a conversation with my father a couple of days ago and he said something that moved me. He told me that he had spoken to his mother a few minutes ago and that he really enjoyed the exchange each and every time. Then he told me that I should say everything that I need to say now, because one day these conversations will not be possible. I took it in a very positive way, because I knew that he was right and I also felt the same about my conversations with all of my parents.

    We all know that we do not know our exit date. So while we are here, we should say all that we want to say to as many people as possible. I found it interesting and quite humbling that he would bring up that point in the conversation, however, once again , I knew that he was right. We exchanged a bunch of very interesting information and expressed some opinions on some current issues in the news. Our conversations are always stimulating. We could talk about the threading in a winter hat and never be bored to tell you the truth.

     I appreciate and love my family, that is no question. Somehow today I have been thinking about all that I can do with them and all that I can say while they are still here. Somehow that sentence that my a Dad uttered is still in my head. Each time I speak with one of my parents, I leave the call with at least one lingering thought after the call ends. I am truly grateful for this gift.

      So while we are here, who can we really let know that we appreciate them? There are so many people that fall into this category. It's great to be here. The possibilities are endless. Even the least likely person can inspire you when you are not paying attention. Think about it. That's a delicious thought isn't it?



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