Welcome Suite Brigitte My Co-Writer

  You have probably already received Brigitte's posting, so I just wanted to write this short posting to let all of you know that two people can surely make a difference. I have only met Brigitte one time, yet she and I began this blog together over 4 years ago completely over the phone and online. We live on opposite coasts and we are both involved in philanthropic work on so many levels. We have events planned that will enable us to meet our readers and truly make connections and alter lives for the better. We are interested in getting you as close to your passions as possible.

   Brigitte and I will have events on the West coast and the East coast and even some places in between. Please stay tunes of what we will be doing and how it will all materialize. I am so happy to partner with such a vibrant and focused woman who will no doubt be a major catalyst in my vision, which has become our vision to just educate, open up, and inspire human beings all over the world. If you have an idea about how we can come to your neck of the woods and spread some magic, do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as the idea pops up!!

   You can get a feel for who Brigitte is by going to her site HERE . There are many exciting things to come. If you are unfamiliar with how we met or how this all started, please go to the page entitled, "The Purpose Of This Blog," and it will be explained very clearly. I am so happy to have Brigitte back on board to create a female side to this process. She is full of great insights and knowledge that I am sure will soothe your soul. Thank you for being here.



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