We Finally Came Face To Face

  There are some times in our lives that we wish we had done things differently. Then as I mature, I realize that I am grateful for all of my experiences. I say this because I am different and definitely more solid because of them. There have been interactions that we did not respond to in the way that we wished we had as well as well has times when we were quiet and did not respond at all. Lastly, there are times that we wish that the other person had just given us a chance to respond or to be heard instead of slamming the door in our faces with no resolution. We cannot get any of those situations back no matter how hard we try. This is a certain duality that exists and it works best when both sides are present. This is the set up for my story.

   I have a friend in my life that I highly respect. She is a business owner, who is involved in many other things. Her mind works and she is tenacious. I have known her for years.I believe that we first met in yoga class. I found out that she does so many things, and her newest conquest was to have her own restaurant. When we first spoke of it, I was more than excited for her. I think I was also excited for her because I have the same aspiration myself.I knew that she would do it and I knew that she would be successful. I could see the sparkle in her eyes and I knew that this detail was a big part of the process.

    As time went on, the place was open and the challenges began in many ways. We would speak and I would offer any advice that I could whenever I could. I enjoyed the interaction, the details, the being connected to someone who was embarking on a journey of this magnitude. At a certain point, I offered my services to her so that she could have an easier time. It was not about the money, I did it completely gratis. It is said that no one does anything for free. Well, in this situation, my payoff was her getting a payoff. I love meeting with the staff, hiring people, and watching the minutiae in the restaurant. The small things are what make or break every restaurant. That will never change.

  Over time, she began to breakdown and not be as fancy free as she once was and that was the
process. However, she never quit or closed down the place and I love that about her. The employees came and went and they had their reservations about how she ran her place. However, she wanted things a certain way and she was very specific about it was carried out. So needless to say, many people were let go. This is restaurant life though, it's very common. At one point, she was approached about opening another location and she decided to say yes. I was excited for her and I was again ready to do whatever I could to ease the process. I have extensive customer service skills and I genuinely love the process. The dance continued on.

     Somehow, someway, our connection started to weaken and I could not tell why? Around the same time, she had to get rid of a manager as well. I happened to be the person that hired him, by the way. We had agreed on him together and I felt that he was top notch. For reasons out of my control, I heard that he did something that was unacceptable and he quit or vanished or something along those lines. I never got the exact story. Also, my calls and emails did not get answered and I was confused. I even sent a hand written letter, but nothing. So my mind wandered and worked tirelessly to dissect the issue. I could not come up with a single thing. I began to internally take responsibility for whatever I had done. The problem was, I had no idea what was going on. I was staring into a black hole.

       I had to let it go. I felt a bit salty, a big bruised, a bit confused. However, she owed me nothing. I went in to make a difference and I did that for sure. I needed no trophy or monetary reciprocation. I did what I would have wanted someone to do for me, had I been in that situation. I did it with pleasure. I will say however, that there were many moments of tension that indicated my doing it with no pay was a bit uncomfortable for her. I worked hard to reassure her that all was good, but when trying to convince someone of something against their will, they are of the same opinion still. There still is such a thing has people helping people. I practice it all of the time.

      So now to the marrow of the story. I have not seen or spoken to this woman in almost 2 years. She was my friend. We talked and ate together a few times and exchanged many upper level pow wows over time. She had been to my house, I had been to hers. I respected her, I still do. I had come to a place of resolve and I let it go. I told myself that one day when the time is right for both of us, we will run into each other and regroup or not. That will remain to be seen. Today was that day. I was casually walking and I was on the same street as her. It was nice to see her. She had once again transformed her body and was at least 30lbs thinner. Her face was still pretty and her light was shining just as I remembered it. I told her that the place is awesome and that she is doing so good. She thanked me and asked about my life. I replied and she was happy for me. She was jogging, so she  told me that she wanted to keep moving. I gave her a hug and told her to call me whenever she wanted to.

    I was ready for this interaction in my mind. I was certain that it would happen and I prepared for it. Now that it is finished, I can truly let it go. I never wanted anything but the best for her and I still want to same now. It just seriously confused me how a person could just drop another person from their life so abruptly?The harsh reality is that there is always a reason and it is not always revealed to you. The more you hold on to things, the more they rule you. I have a certain strange kind of closure with this woman. I manifested it and it came to pass. What's next? Living fuller, happier, and open to the possibility of it not all working out. At the same time, it's important to be the best me that I can. This does not include stepping down to meet someone at an uncomfortable level. I am here at my level. The level that I have worked to get to spiritually and mentally. I am grateful and I am smiling. Everything around us is what we make of it. True words to live by. Enjoy the journey.




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