Triggering Happiness

 I use these two words very playfully as my title. I was watching a few people who got so angry today and it was incredible how they went from quiet,to the world is ending. I mean that cannot be healthy at all could it? It happened on the train and it involved people who thought they should but be touched at all while a crowded NYC train was moving. I cannot get into it. It just looked painful from my vantage point.

  So the triggers that make us upset can also be seen in an opposite way too! Don't you just love those things that can yank you up so high with happiness that you forget where you started? This is what I am speaking of right now. We arrive at this place in so many ways and we just feel so good. It happened today for a moment as a bought a juice in a place that I had never been in prior to that moment. Put simply, the people were smiling when I walked in to the place and they all greeted me. There were 3 of them. I ordered a juice that was very much so needed, and then I immediately thanked them for welcoming me like that. They had never seen me before, and I had never seen them either. You would not have believed that if you were a fly on the wall. They were filled with appreciation and they made a new customer for sure.

   You know by now that I look for these things each and every day. It blocks me from most of the low vibrational stuff in a big way. I have not seen a day go by yet, that didn't have at least one thing to be very happy about thus far. I sometimes think of actors and how they can just turn on a happy emotion and be this comical character, and then go home and fight and scream at their spouses. Not that they all do that at all. I am just stating that when we decide that happiness is what we want, we act as such, and our minds cannot tell the difference if we are faking it or not. Try it out.

   Triggering happiness and looking for happy things to step into is not a fantasy at all. You could even turn that around and just plan to release your happy trigger! Words are so much fun to play with and create your own state of mind aren't they? Just wanted to run those thoughts by you before I shut down for the night. Have a fantastic weekend and be good to yourself.Thank you



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