The Live Performance / Hozier

   I have been performing live and on stage since I was in Junior High School. There is something about it that takes me to another place. I am positive that these words will not even come close to capsulizing it, but I will give it a whirl. It's the lights, the sounds, the instruments, the emotion, the escape from anything that is paining you. Unless of course the song that you are performing evokes pain, well then you are screwed. But on a more positive note, you are transformed either way each time. I know for a fact that getting up in front of a room of people and speaking or singing is the number 2 thing that most human beings are terrified of after death. After death you say? Yes after death. So why do I love it so much? I don't know, I guess it was just meant to be.

    This evening I was gifted a concert to see a singer/ songwriter named Hozier. He was full of warmth and clarity, talent, and spirit. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I want to know more about him right away. Many times when I am at a show, I get lost in the lights, the faces, and the vibe. I often replace the headliner with myself. This does not happen because the performer is bad, it happens because the stage has always been a magnetic and majestic every that owns me when I am near it. The possibilities, the movement, the art that is being created in real time, is all larger than life to me.

    What was great about this guy, who was joined by 5 other musicians, was that he really connected with the audience and gave them is best. This truly came through in his show. I did not know even one song from his CD, however, the songs meant something and they moved me. I also found it so interesting how he changed his guitar for almost every song. They were all very nice looking guitars as well. I thought about how many people were there on a Sunday night in NYC. There had to be 3500 or more people there and they were happy, smiling, screaming, and full of emotion. Each one of them probably have a different story as to how they discovered him and why the songs touch them. He is an Irish artist and he had a humble soul as well. I could feel it.

     As usual, it was a barrage of cell phones floating in the air and on certain songs, the phones were more prominent than the heads on the people in the audience. Imagine that? I am well aware that we are living in a time when people want to record everything and have it for later on in life. I myself am like this on some levels, however, when we are not focused on the present, it quickly becomes the past. A couple of girls in front of me talked almost the whole concert with cheap champagne in their hands. It seemed as though they looked at the stage a total of 5 times during the entire show. I had to bob my head back and forth, because they kept kissing each other and just being loving. I could not argue with that. The music lifted them up to that place. It's so much better than fighting.

    All in all, I feel blessed to have had that experience. I know how it feels to be on the both sides of the stage and it's truly a blessing. I am not even close to fulfilling my plans in this life. When I see that connection between the artist and the people, I know that I am feeling a reflection of myself and my future. Just sitting in my living room playing and singing excites me beyond measure. When it gets to the next level, it will give me a charge they I am sure will be electric. What a drug that states is for me. It releases some kind of fluid into my brain that feels like something that would be illegal if sold. You get me?

     In closing, check out Hozier. One done that stick out tonight was about Barcelona. The other was called Cherry Wine. Look him up and see what you think. By the way, his opening act was George Ezra. I enjoyed him too.Life is good. Peace



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