The First Person That I Thought Of Was You

  Have you ever heard that sentence come out of some one's mouth? I love to hear this. In this busy and over congested world, to know that someone thought of just you or you in general is humbling. I am very careful to just marinate there for a second or so in gratitude, because I believe that it is not something that should just be expected. What you bring is received in so many ways by so many people. There is never a guarantee that you will be thought of, selected, hired, or even loved by the people that you most want to and that is just life. I stay in a place of gratitude and that is it.

  So I received a call from one of my favorite energies on earth. There are definitely less than 10 in my entire circle of friends. I speak of those people who just say hello and you are present and smiling. This woman is a force of nature on many levels. Her smile brightens up the room and her attitude can truly make you stand up and notice a few things differently from time to time. She is raw energy and a true warrior of forward motion in life. Having said all of this, she called to ask me to collaborate on a project that definitely will help others, namely young people. I was saying yes inside before she even finished her proposal to me.

   The other really beautiful thing about this call was that it reminded me of how much energy I pushed in her direction to always be connected to those who would use her talents in the best way possible. We are both ridiculously emerged in personal development, so we understand the value of holding the torch for others as well. We have not seen each other in over a year or so and we live in the same city. That is not a fact that I am proud of, however, when the time is right, the people that need to intersect with each other usually do. That has been true in my life for many years now. There are no chance meetings in this life. Every happens right on time.

   As I end this posting, I am full of gratefulness and excitement for this project. I will not say too much about it here because I want to get inside of it first and foremost. You know good and well that I will bring all the magic back to you as soon as it hits. I know that many of you have heard the sentence that I began with a few times and I am sure that you remember when you did. So if you can use this exact sentence on someone else in an authentic and immediate way, do it. The moment we are recognized for our greatness, it charges us to either do the same for someone else or to work even harder on ourselves to sustain it. I don't believe it should be about the accolades as much as it is about the fact that you have recognized another human being in a way that has changed or empowered them. That is where the magic lives. I will see you not the other side of this gorgeous day.



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