The Children's Freedom Run

   I had to write about this today because it has been on my mind for such a long time. There are things that I observe yet, I don't get around to writing about them, imagine that? Anyhow, children are one of my favorite topics, yet even I am surprised at how little I write about them. I actually think about and study children quite bit, if I can just openly admit that to whomever is currently reading this. It mesmerizes me to watch them and study how they just "do" things. I was alone for the entire day today and I saw quite a few of them on my way to the grocery store.

   I live in a part of New York that has loads of children. So as you can imagine, I see them everywhere. The strollers have become like limousines on the sidewalks, and the chatter is like a Friday night at a Chuck E Cheese's in any city. I love it though, I am not complaining in the least bit. As I walked today, a child actually startled me because I did not see him until he was right next to my right foot, and I moved over very quickly. He then looked up at me and said hello like he knew me. It was very cute.

   The thing that I notice over and over again is how little children like to run ahead of their parents to the next corner when they are on a sidewalk with their parents. I am not even a parent yet and I always get nervous because I am not sure that they are going to stop! It's a crazy little neurosis to have, however, its real for me. The good news is that 95% of the children have stopped. The other 5 percent did not look as though they were going to, so there parents had to do a quick little mood adjusting exercise with them that I am sure that they never forgot from that day forward.

   I penned this action "The Children's Freedom Run". I see it mostly on sidewalks, however, I have seen it in the park, in parking lots, in hallways, and even in restaurants. What's interesting is to see how far the average parents let the kids go before their lips get tight and certain words magically come out. The patience that it must take to keep arriving at that place over and over again. It has to be very tough on the brain. I respect all of you parents that have that down. I have even more respect for  your methods that keep you calm during these times.

   So there he was today just sprinting to the corner without his mother. He had on some Osh Kosh and some lit up sneakers and he was on his merry way. The weight of his two foot body was completely pushing forward and his hands were just up in the air, as if someone had just cracked open a piñata right above his head! It was so great to watch. His mother called his name and then caught him right at the corner. He laughed, and screamed and then the whole thing was over. I loved every minute of it. I could probably video 10 kids a day doing this.

   All in all, I love the message in the freedom run. I see it as the child taking the time to just sprint and be happy from point A to point B without their parents. There is no judgement or expectations at all. They just do it and enjoy it no matter what. Does that resonate with you? I told you that I studied them quite a bit. They have so many of the reasons why we should be wild and free and so little of the reasons why not. I love kids so much. I couldn't eat a whole one though! Just checking to see if you are still with me! I dare you to do a freedom run for one block today. Give it a shot. Be easy.



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