The Challenges That Arise / The Need To Reciprocate Kindness

   There I was in a car that was not my own. I had it by choice and I always take good care of it. It was the day to move the car and I also had to move it at a certain time or I would have gotten a ticket.  At the same time, workers were scheduled to be in my place and I had to be there for them. They were an hour late and the landlord arrived and chose to wait for them. I gave her my key and left the apartment. They arrived about 5 minutes later. I found their tardiness to be unacceptable based on it happening quite a few times in the past. I had to take a deep breath, make a fist, and let it go. There are many things happening that I don't about outside of my world.

   The next line of duty was to find a parking spot so that I could be on time for my appointments. After about 25 minutes, I could not find one and then it happened. I drove down a street that was full of cars and I was stick in the middle of them. There was a huge truck that stalled and not one car could move off of the block. The cars started beeping as if the truck was just doing this for sport. Then each person got out of their cars like clowns at a circus and moved to the front of the jam on foot. I got out as well, just to see what was happening. What I saw made me a bit irritated but not enough to notice. There was a car that should have moved to the left of the truck. It was the day that the car should have been gone for two hours of alternate street parking. Because it was not moved, not one car could get around it. This one car could have saved 20 cars from getting stuck. Our actions really do affect others. That will never change, ever.

    It took some time, but the cars finally realized that they could all start going in reverse from the back of the line and move out of the block one by one. I was happy that they did and I too backed out of the street. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the reactions of people amidst the chaos. I just kept thinking to myself, "Be calm, stay positive, no beeping, no bad attitude, this will pass very soon." This can be challenging at times, but it is so doable. It surely prevents, strokes, ulcers, and overall mental drainage. I took it all in and it ended quicker than I thought it would.

    The challenges that we endure are real and they are always just around the corner. It doesn't matter how much money is in your pocket or what color your hair is, you will be challenged. I noticed today how some of the people got out of their cars and were so full of rage and self interest. They were much too far back to see what was happening, yet they took it very personal and rushed to the front breathing fire. These same people came back calmer and not as enraged when they realized that there was nothing they could do outside of working together and backing out peacefully. I wonder if any of them thought about how it must have been to be that truck driver in that moment. Did he plan to inconvenience that whole street all at one time? I think not. What if that while thing happened because the third car from the front was going to get into a fatal accident and the powers that be were protecting it? It is possible isn't it?

      In closing, how do you deal with receiving kind gestures, gifts, or a big chunk of another person's time? Does it make you feel obligated to reciprocate or just grateful and alive with happiness? Just to be fair, there are many ways you could feel here. In my opinion, we could not possibly fill up on giving to others. However, what about the people who really have never been treated that way for several years at a time? Then someone comes along and is willing and able to always step out on the limb for them and just celebrate there greatness by just being there and making the load a little bit lighter. That is a magical thing to feel, yet it can make quite a few people suspicious and unsure as well. So what do you do if you are on the receiving end? Do you bask in it? Always repay it to the best of your ability? Ask it to stop? Express your gratefulness to them over and over? This of course is a personal answer that you will have to decide on your own. I will say this though, we are here to give and receive in my book. If we only see one side of the equation, then we can never appreciate or become comfortable with the other. We all have gifts to give and we all deserve to receive as well. What would baseball be if the pitcher threw the ball but the batter never hit it? How could a young mind flourish in the world if he or she made it through college and then was not ever allowed to use their talents or teachings on another young mind later on, so that they too many flourish as well?

    Thank you for always showing up and reading my blog. I write it with all of you in mind. If there are times that you ask yourself if I am talking about you, then I probably am. I am well aware of some specific people that read my blog and I do insert messages that are tailor made for them. This blog is a serious labor of love. You can always reach out to me at I will always answer you back and tell you what's on my mind. Keep on pushing, just not too hard.



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