Self Love Is Power / There Are Good People Everywhere

 I think that we can all agree that when we see a person stretching the boundaries just a little bit, it makes us think about our own capabilities and our own strengths. I live for the examples of human beings doing, saying, or projecting their strength in a healthy way that inspires others. So this morning I received an email from the site UP Worthy. Their tag line is, "Things That Matter, Pass Em On". I love that tag line more than I can tell you. It says it all and it gets it done. Today's bunch of things that they sent to me were high level things once again. I say high level because it pushed me and inspires me and allows me to stay up and vigilant.

  There was a story about a young man name Matt Diaz that gave me pause and I went with it. We seem to be living in a time where many people are coming out of their shells and revealing their fears, shutting down their self hate, and opening up to a more fruitful life. The stories can be found everywhere if you look for them. They are not as much on mainstream news because they are not shocking enough. The news is filled with sensationalized stories about loss, death, and many other things that drag on our should daily. For this reason, I search in other directions. The grand thing about this, is that every time I seek it out, I find it.

  Matt posted a video that was featured on the site that I mentioned before. To make a long story short, he had lost 270 pounds and he is in a very emotional position. He is working out and staying strong based on the fact that he is carrying around this extra fat even after losing the bulk of it. Now for a person to make a video of this caliber, and to put it online to cleanse themselves is so colossal in my opinion. The even bigger picture is that he started a Go Fund Me account in order to raise money to have surgery to remove his excess fat and to have a cleaner look and feel to his body. If you are not familiar with this site, it's a site where anyone in the world can donate money to a cause. In this case, over the course of 16 hours. Matt raised over 25 thousand dollars. 1032 people gave money in varying amounts.Now there are many ways to look at this. I won't even attempt to go over each one of them. I will just tell you how I see it. This guy is in a place that he does not like. He reveals himself to the core, and releases all of his fears on the Internet. It strikes a chord with thousands. I believe that it strikes a chord with so many, because they all have their own fears as well. All of these people have bills to pay and many things to do with their money. However, they gave a piece to Matt.

    There are good people everywhere. It is a cruel and harsh reality that we learn more form pain then we do from pleasure. I don't see that ever being any different for the rest of our lives. When I saw how many people helped this guy, it made an indentation in my soul. Yes, there are stories like this all over the Internet each and every day. However, today I am writing about this one. It will make a difference to him if this story gets even farther because of this posting. Actually, if I am correct, this video was shot this month. That means it will travel far and wide in no time. His vulnerability has sent a tingle up the spines of many people who probably could not see themselves doing the same thing. However, after they saw the video, that mostly likely changed their thinking dramatically. He showed up how he is and stated how scared he was, yet that he just wanted to be who he was. That is magic. I urge you to take a look at this video HERE and really see inside of it. I am proud to have it on my blog. His Go Fund Me account is attached to a link on the same page at the end of the video if you feel like reaching out to him and showing your support. I did it this morning and it felt great. Step up and rock the day or evening. Peace



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