Now Let's Dance! / Kundalini Does It Again

   I had to start with that title for this blog. My kundalini class was once again surprising, deep, full of  information, and lastly, so necessary. I have had space in between my classes and I have come to realize that it will be different when I make it that way. My class today was chock full of wonderful insights. The teacher asked how many people were new and quite a few hands went up. He told us that we should thank all of those hands on the way out because they all just made it easier for us. He didn't want to stress them on day one.

    So we began with some basic chants and then a nice strength exercise to cleanse ourselves. Shortly after that, he told us to put our hands above our heads and dance! This is what I love about kundalini. He only gave us two rules. The first was to keep your hands above your head as you dance. The other was to never have both feet on the ground at the same time. This lasted for about 8 minutes as I remember. This was a great exercise because we were raising our spirits and our energy levels. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I ran into two different people that I had not seen in quite some time. One actually shushed me with her finger on her lips as I noticed her and showed my excitement. No comment there. The rest of the teachings would help me to completely quell that moment. The teacher stressed the balancing of the mind. He told a story, actually two stories that demonstrated how we create a story in our heads about how something is. We then activate our own stress which then causes us to give up control in almost every situation. He told us to practice how to go from wanting to lash out to being conscious and choosing our most easy and soothing response. I had somewhat created a story in that very room a few minutes ago. I blinked and I was not present.

    The teacher spoke of spring and how it allows us to rebuild and be a bit more relaxed and not as much on guard too. He even told us about a time that he was meditating and realized that the time when he usually made breakfast for his wife had passed. While he was meditating, he pictured his wife coming in to get him and asking him why breakfast was not ready. This made him mad and he felt his whole body get hot. There is one slight issue with this story, it didn't actually happen. He made it all up! So he stopped and regained his power over his mind. He then told himself that he would make her a wonderful breakfast when he was done. The point is that we have all done this in our lives and we pay dearly for it over time.

     I had a small bite to eat with one of my yogi friends following class tonight and it was amazing how she and I could relate our own stories to the lessons of the class. That is why we have to stay in contact with other people in our lives. Many times our story that we are telling ourselves is not only wrong, but detrimental to our forward motion. If we believe that we are getting old, or don't have the brain that we once had, or any one of those things, then we will start seeing examples of it being true all over our lives. On the other hand, if we keep telling ourselves that we will learn new things and go new places and treat ourselves with pride and possibility, the sky is the limit.

     My class was so inspiring today and I am sure that I was at the right place at the right time. I am blessed. I forgot to add one thing. There was an algorithm printed next the bathroom on the wall. This is what it said:

                                       H   =     E + AI                                                                        


It means : (Happiness)equals (endurance) plus (awareness intelligence) over (consciousness)

Now that is brilliant to me. I had to share that. Thank you






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