My Conversation With A Robot

  I was on the other end of the line and this robot was told what to tell me, how, and when to ask for payment. It was a long a drawn out process that I had some reservations about. The greeting was tense and not really that welcoming at all. The robot was obviously surrounded by others, as I could hear them all too clearly. I wondered if they too had the same scripts lodged into there heads. They all seemed to be blessed with this monotone, less than excited tone and they were all very consistent with it to say the very least. As you can imagine, I actually heard it echoing through the call.

  At one point I asked a question that deviated from the process. I could hear the robot get flustered and a bit uncomfortable all at once. The robot then spoke louder and over answered my question quite promptly. This was very entertaining. The information became irrelevant at one point based on my attention not truly being in the moment. I was thinking about how this robot got this job and how was it feeding them in this very moment? There was a slight bit of judgement in this moment and I replaced it with an understanding and warm tone in my voice. I thanked this very thorough robot and I terminated the call.

   Here is the point of this story. We all have our place here on earth. We also get to move closer to the things that feed us the most. However, we are most often met with fear way beforehand as an appetizer. Then we weigh our pros and cons, look for other solutions, consult others, and maybe even walk in another direction that is safer. The robot that I described on the phone was not a real robot, it was a real human being that was doing his job exactly how he was told to do it. I just could not get around the feeling that he was so bored with his mission. He seems as though he was being held a gunpoint with a script to read and a certain amount of time to finish it.

   I was on this call for a reason, and I completed my intended goal. Then as I thought the call was over, he pulled me back in to offer me yet another thing that was sure to be the best deal ever. I thought to myself, wow, we really can get completely unfocused on our goals and dreams while we are signing on to the dreams of others. This man probably has a family and things to be responsible for just like everyone. It sounded like he was overseas, so he could be working for any number of reasons. The question that I really wanted to ask him was did he love doing what he was doing or was he doing it just to make money? It was painful to listen to his voice during the entire call.

   In the clearest truth that I can speak in, I know that passion is not every one's journey. We all cannot be blessed with the hunger for getting the most out of ourselves. That is just not a possibility. The fact that I see things in a different way, does not make me better or worthier either. I am who I am and those who are around me do make a difference in this life. I just got pulled away from the actual call into this world of monotone madness. This interaction was devoid of color in every way. I felt like someone gave me some white paper and a white crayon and told me to create an exciting drawing.

   Variety is the spice of life. If we see something that does not resonate with us, we don't have to get closer to us. On the other hand, if something does, we can sprint towards it and reap its benefits as well. It's all feedback and it s all usable. I wish that man the best and I hope that he is happy where he is, I truly do. All is well and I will continue to observe and learn. It's a great day.



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