Luminaries Are People Too

plural noun: luminaries
  1. 1
    a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.
    "one of the luminaries of child psychiatry"
    synonyms:leading light, guiding light, inspirationrole modelheroheroineleaderexpertmaster

   We all get to see people that are in the public eye up close and personal at some point. It can be by mistake while walking in the street, or a shopping mall, or in my case, at parties for the most part. Actually, I have seen more people from the entertainment industry just walking down the streets of NYC than anywhere else over the past 10 years or so. I am also in the business, so I have met or just seen some of my favorite people at many parties as well. Each time it is different. I watch how people are affected by their presence, and it tells me so much about them as well as myself. It can change the way that they speak , stand, and even breathe at times.

   Last evening I was invited to fill in for another singer. I had to report to a venue that I have sung in many times before. It's a private venue that hosts its members regularly and has some very upscale events with the cities most powerful luminaries on any day of the week. The atmosphere is old school opulence and the place is several hundred years old, or so it seems. I arrived early, as I do 90% of the time. The weather was quite nasty last evening, so I could not take any chances, especially because I was filling in for another person. I changed in to my clothing in a secret bathroom that a very nice worker in this amazing home led me to. It was a generous amount of space and it was comfortable beyond words. I was tempted to take a shower, just because it looked so relaxing. There was no time for that.

    As I entered a room to the right of the place that i was singing, I ran in to one of my favorite people who just happened to be there with her family for a birthday dinner! This was a lovely surprise and I could not have been more unexpected. She had never heard me sing before, and that is now in the past. It's always nice for me to be amongst friends when I am doing what I love to do. This made me smile, as I did not even know that she was in the room until I saw her about 6 feet from me. That was so much fun.

    So the room open up and in walked not one or two, but about 5 of the most popular faces in the NYC political scene. Now I am not a political follower in any way. I thread lightly with this topic. However, I have seen each one of these men on the TV and in the newspaper since I known what a newspaper or a TV was in general. Now, here they are, sitting at tables about 20 to 30 feet away from me at best. Then later on they were all about 10 feet from me, just dancing the night away. Unfortunately, I have read and listened to some very scandalous stories about them over the years. However, you cannot believe everything that you read and you should believe even less of what you hear. One of these guest was even a former Mayor of NYC.

    I right this posting because they were all gentlemen dressed to the nines and in the highest spirits possible. They were there to celebrate their good friend's 85th birthday and he couldn't be happier to have his favorite people there with him. Theses men are very wealthy, very prolific in their own ways, and have rubbed shoulders with the cream of the crop in this city as well as in this world. When I saw them laughing and smiling and listening to my extremely talented friends and band mates, it made me so incredibly gracious to be there on that stage. I was being compensated for doing something that I would have done for free and they were receiving it like a fresh plate of food at a barbecue on a Sunday in the South.

     At this function, it was not important to me how much they made, or who they knew. It mattered more to me that I was one of the reasons that thy were smiling and being transformed to a higher plane. At the end of the evening, one of the most popular men in the room came up to me and shook my hand. He told me how much he appreciated the band and every one's talents. He also asked if we could keep in touch so that he could use us for a fundraiser coming up soon. It was good feeling and I of course let him know that we would make sure that we were in touch with him. At the end of the evening, they were just people. I was just smiling inside. I love my life. I am grateful.

     Things are so much easier when you just show up and flow. It does not mean not to be aware or open to all of the possibilities. It just means, take it all in and leave the judgements outside. Politicians are spoken about in a  pretty consistent way, however, I had no ill feelings for any of them. They were classy men and women that showed up to have a rocking time, and so they did. Peace to you all in every way that is possible. Thank you for being here.


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