If They Asked You

 If they asked you to teach a group of people, young or old could you do it? What would you say, what would you do to get others a bit clearer on that thing that you do? You see we all do something really well and sometimes we are not even aware of it. Other times, we are fully aware of it, yet we feel that it doesn't even matter. Its those mundane things that most of us are afraid to ask about that could be taught to you sometimes in one afternoon. It's those things that you do that seem so effortless, that someone else is just waiting for you to lock arms with them and show them. I mean don't we realize that each person is cut from a different fabric and that their journey has been extremely different from ours in countless ways?

  Take a look at yourself and really take stock of all of the things that you do on a daily basis and you will most likely be amazed. Can you believe that some people just want to know how to cook 3 meals so that their family can eat better? However, the problem is, they cannot read a recipe. Then there is the man who cannot bear to speak to a woman in any capacity. He can afford to treat her right, or take her places, or even just listen to her, yet his self esteem is completely shot. There is also the musician that has so many melodies racing around in his head, however, he cannot write music or even relay it to anyone so that they can come to life. These people exist and they just want someone to reach their hands out to them. Some of them are seeking us and others are just living a life of quiet desperation.

   A friend referred me to mentor a young boy recently. I am presently mentoring 2 different ones, however, there is always time to be cause in the matter for another human being. This is my firm belief. The point is that when someone calls on you and says that they need what you have in a particular situation, it moves me. I have written about this before. So the question still remains, what would you do or offer if they asked you to step up and make a difference? Before you answer that question, let me make it abundantly clear that the word "nothing" is not a possible answer. If you knew your power and your gift, it could change many lives in a short period of time. If you do not know your gifts, then you probably need to look deeper. We all have gifts.

    If they asked you to give of yourself to alter another's life for the better, would you? What fears and reservations do you have that are blocking you? Did you know that lighting a candle from your own fire does not diminish your glow? Well, if you didn't know that, now you do. Just some thoughts to lubricate the dome. I send peace to all of you beautiful souls. Thank you



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