I Am Not John Wayne

   Let me explain. There are so many things in our lives that we think we cannot control. We run into situations that own us, at least temporarily, and we flounder. People tell us things that we feel we cannot push through. We also just hear things from side sources that are not proven, and even then, we can start running. The fact of the matter is, we have more power to move things with just a little bit of tenacity and even more faith. We can learn to be more educated in certain subjects as well as model those who are the cream of the crop and open up incredible new caverns in our minds. The issue with all of this, is that we have to shed our current states of mind to do so. That is where the rubber meets the road. Actually in most cases, it's just where most people just meet the rubber.

    I took some time away from my normal surroundings to celebrate another year on this magnificent planet. Tomorrow, I will be one year wiser, one year clearer, one year closer to my life goals. Today I had some very deep thoughts as I rode a horse that was about a half a ton with an intimidatingly beautiful form. Her name was oddly enough Beauty. I had not been on a horse in years and it was once again immensely humbling. I was but a mere Tic Tac on her back. The experts gave me some pointers before I mounted her and then we as a group were on our way through a 45 minute trail that was still full of snow. There is always more snow up in PA after the storms pass. NYC always gets off easy because of our amazing street crews and so forth.

    Anyhow, the strength of this animal was just daunting. I pulled her left and right at the appropriate times, however, she followed the other horses and was actually quite receptive when I needed her to stop so that I could take a few shots with my camera. As I rode her, all I could think of was that this horse can feel my energy and she was not going to settle for me treating her unjustly for even one moment. I even told the lead rider that part of me felt a little strange kicking her with my heels when I wanted her to go faster. He then replied to me by letting me know that I would not be hurting her at all. He said that I would be merely directing her. He also reminded me that the horse had to know who was in control and that I had no choice but to show her clearly. That was a thought provoking statement for me.

    I thought of the things around me that I had let take control of me at one time or another. Then I realized that some of them had less power than me. They just knew how to take control and not back down when the going got rough. This horse was waiting for its cue to walk, run, stop, and to go left or right. If I had given up that command and sent the wrong signal, I could have been thrown off of the horse. Sound familiar? It should. This is what happens to many people all of the time. I thought of how this horse doesn't really even know it's power. It has no idea that it could run as far as it wanted to at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, doing what it's told, pays big dividends in the form of grains and hay. When my ride was finished and I had gotten off of the horse, the horse walked itself into the shed and ate some. The trainer told me that they know exactly when they eat. That was cool to see.

     So I am not a professional rider and I am certainly not John Wayne. I do however, takes clues from what's around me. I rubbed the horse on its side as I rode her and kept telling her that she was a good girl. I spoke softly to her and did not push her too much. The trainer even told me that the horse may ignore my commands a few times just because they can feel when a rider is not in full control. Bingo! I have been there too. He told me to use that whip whoever needed. He also told me that the horse requested these whips after getting a sneak peek at a Fifty Shades Of Grey. I thought that was a clever comment. Life lessons received through riding a horse. How interesting. So John Wayne was just a reference. There were many people who could ride like him. We just don't know them or their names. My point is that I did not need to ride like John Wayne to make it through the trail today. I did however, have immense respect for this animal and I was willing to let it teach me in this short period of time. Have you ever met someone that was just so incredibly strong or adept in their field of choice? I mean someone who could just not be denied? That's how I felt today. This horse had done
this trail hundreds of times. I just had a snapshot of time with her. She was kind to me and I appreciated her for it.

       Today was a magic day for me. I did something that I had not done in quite a while. The last ride I had was on the beach in the Caribbean and my horse was super fast. My back was bruised for a full week. I thought I "was" John Wayne that day. That was a painful lesson to learn. So there you have it. I had a great time and I was very humbled by this beautiful animal. I also used an outhouse today. Now that was a reality check. No comment on that. I suggest riding a horse this week if you possibly can. If you cannot, then attempt to control something that you know has more power than you even for a brief moment. If it's a person, then do it with respect and patience. They will have a different view of you going forward. I hope my messages have reached you clearly. I mean you nothing bug the absolute best in your life. By the time you read this, I will have entered by new year of life! This is very exciting for me. I support you in all that strengthens you.



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