How Riding The NYC Subway System Is Similar To Living Our Lives

  Each and every time that I am making a decision that will set in motion my next move, I know that there are many ways to go about doing it. For those of you who are not familiar with the subway system, it's exactly the same situation. As I rode the train earlier, I thought of which way was the best way too get home. Now I have used the system hundreds of times by now, however, there are so many creative ways to get from point to point in this incredible city, that it only makes sense to try new ones every now and then.

  So just to break it down to you in basic terms, the subway can take you to almost every borough. There is a ferry that takes you to one. However, for the price of one ride you can go several miles in any direction. In some other places, the train is charged by the zone and it can get expensive over time. Here in NYC, you can ride and then transfer and then ride and then transfer again and again. You must stay underground as you do this, mind you. As you look at the subway map you will see so many ways to transfer and wind up in a completely different place. That's the joy of this awesome and very popular method of travel. That is very similar to our lives.

  Today as I rode on the train, I reminded myself once again that there are so many paths to reach any destination that I choose. The longest way is not necessarily the best way and neither is the short cut. There are just an overwhelming amount of possibilities in our lives.As I liken our choices to the NYC subway, I know that even when you are on the seemingly right track, your train can get delayed and you could possibly miss a grand opportunity on any day. You could also take a train that you would normally not take and wind up somewhere new, fresh, and exciting. You know that some people pay for the train each time that they go to the station. Then there are those who pay their fare one time a month and they can ride anywhere as many times as they want to. I compare that to those people who take many precautionary measures ahead of time so that their adult lives run as smoothly as they chose it to. This does not mean that all is perfect, it just means that its calmer and more in control. You decide to pay a bigger price up front and then you travel with more freedom.

   While you are on the trains, there is always someone trying to sell you something or to hear their story. These people are professionals and they do this for a living. We do not have to give them anything, nor do we have to pay attention to them. However, if we let them get into our heads, they can upset our calm nature and cause us to react in a negative fashion. Does that sound familiar to you? I have had that same experience with many people in my life. I have to admit though, I gave them the keys to drive me crazy. I have cut down on that in a serious way. On a side note, I love the little snippets of entertainment that is provided to everyone on the trains. It's really its own reality show.

   Lastly, sometimes people show up that want you to use your card to let them go through the turnstile. This is illegal, by the way. Not that it matters to the people who still do this. I compare this to those who want you to sacrifice some of your sanity to allow them to go anywhere that they please as they drag you into their world or into their downtrodden mind set. This cannot go on but for so long, wouldn't you agree? Also, there is this thing that just about all NYC subway riders do to see if the train is coming. They lean into the tracks as far as they can to see if there is a train coming. This of course is dangerous for obvious reasons, however, its still done all of the time. I look at it like this. The things that come into our lives will come at the right time. We cannot rush them, get impatient when they do not show up quicker, or truly know why they may never make an appearance. If we had a preview for each thing that was going to happen, we would all be massively different people.

   I hope that this posting gave you something to think about. It gave me many things to ponder on many levels. I appreciate you. Slumber in peace tonight and keep living with passion.




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