Begin Where You Are.

Begin where you are.

Chase invited me to participate in this magnificent adventure of writing, celebrating the magic of daily life and to collaborate with others of like mind.  It is great to be back to the page after a writing hiatus! If you have ever been in that place where you feel like you want to express something but not quite sure what it is – so you let your life's mission do the action and speaking – well, that is where I feel I have been.

Over the years, the notion of writing with authenticity has been a reoccurring theme and as I have made major life decisions, I have felt a range of emotions involving my purpose and interests.  I have often thought of public figures and entertainers who utilize life experiences to create their material.  Some of the greatest work, to me, arises out of what is really going on – some of which would not be considered the prettiest or most triumphant emotions and yet those feelings can serve as an impetus for the most amazing works.

Last year, I spent time on the road.  I lived out a dream of booking a mini-tour for myself which included energy work (healing) sessions and empowerment events on the east coast.  The idea of going off into the sunset to produce what I wanted to create was fascinating.  I had the time to search and to find whatever I needed – all of it so gratifying and necessary.  I felt like I was in my element.  Each road trip felt like it could last forever and I often imagined a continuing journey which could last for years.  I took road trips through Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., Mississippi and Louisiana.  I walked through cities and took pictures and met new friends and really explored more of my adventurous nature.  I flew to Detroit – a place where some of my family has resided for many years and of which I had read many stories, but I was able to go and see for myself the destruction that has taken place as well as witness and celebrate the magic of the entrepreneurial spirit that continues to unfold.

2014 was a gift of time -- time to reflect on the past; time to consider the future and to create deeper vision for journeys to be explored.  I found, through that year, a greater precision of vision and the common thread of community service that has been my interest over the years.  I feel the commitment to service and I believe it can take many shapes.  I intend to extract highlights and weave them into the new vision for the years ahead.  I want to be as true to myself as I can.  Chase and this blog have been a part of that process as well as evidence of a deeply meaningful friendship and our belief in divine timing.

I  am excited as we enter the next phase of development of these goals and dreams.  I am excited about the people we will meet, the fun we will have and the inspirational activities that are in progress.   What are you up to?  Where will you go? What is it that you want to do?  Let the new adventure begin.
                                                                                                    Suite Brigitte


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