For An Anonymous Couple

 You know me, but just how much?
 I mean do you know of all my plans and such?
 Can you say that you can feel how my heart beats?
 Can you say that you can feel it when my soul weeps?

I know that you see yourself rising to the top.
I know that sometimes for you the water just gets too hot.
Sometimes there's a space in between what we feel,
A place where all things just don't seem real.

We all hit some walls and sometimes they hit us.
It is then we cocoon, and become afraid to discuss.
Things are not what they seem or that is what they say.
Then why do they block us and get in the way?

These words are for you two, and you know who you are.
To see your true beauty you won't have to look far.
The closest mirror or compact will do.
Any reflective device will show you the truth.

We cannot turn back time, and we cannot erase.
The things that have brought us to this present place.
The lessons are rich and the sentiments are real.
You've opened your soul, you've broken the seal.

I am here for you and that will never change.
Sometimes life just gets rearranged.
Stay cool, simmer down and just marinate.
There is so much within you to celebrate.

Certain energies can never be broken.
While certain words will never be spoken.
Time is a great healer,
Love is the great revealer.

(Written for a phenomenal couple as they heal.)



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