Dwelling In The Moment

  I went to support a dear friend and take some pictures of a performance this afternoon. The vibe was so clear and full of love and graciousness. Her children and mother came to support her as well and they are so respectful of her talent. I have known her for at least 10 years now, or so it seems. She grew up in the time when NY was truly a jazz hub for all of the greats. It was nothing for her to be with her husband singing on stage and see anyone from Charlie Parker to Miles Davis just sitting at a nearby table. I have so much respect for her because she stays with the music. Her hands play melodies and her voice goes right along with them. Her tone is relaxing and pure, and she really means what she us singing. I can feel the authenticity at each performance. I told her that today's  performance was my favorite of all times. There was just something unique that she brought with her today and she released it out into a small audience of about 20.

   During the very short performance, I closed my eyes so as to heighten the melodies and just be in a space of graciousness and calm. Then I realized that she could take it as me falling asleep during her set, so I opened them up quickly. There goes that brain working hard to tell me lies again. I then just decided to close them again and enjoy it. There was no cover charge, yet there was a donation area. I gave my contribution in a very fluid way. It was so nice to see both of her children, who are young adults by the way. They both have their separate careers and they are both phenomenal. The whole setting was like relaxing ocean side on a vacation. The only difference was that the sunshine and warmth was coming from the room and the stage. It was so wonderful.

    I write this posting because I do not remember thinking of anything else during this short performance. I was fully engaged and in the moment. On one hand, I know what its like to see a fully engaged face staring back at you. On the other hand, I was very much at ease with what I was hearing and seeing and it fed me. It would be like spending  an entire day with a person of your choice, and not feeling one moment pass by. Before you know it, the sun is going down. That's a person you want to spend more time with for certain. We are not properly present in the moment, we miss this gift. I can say that at this point in my life, I probably have less than 10 people in my immediate circle that make me feel that way, outside of my family. It's not the end of the world though, I prefer quality over quantity.

    Today I am grateful for the fact that I can feel my presence. I am grateful for the lovely friends around me that are so talented and intelligent and open to sustaining their artistic lives by any means necessary. I am grateful for my mother's voice that I heard on my machine about 35 minutes ago. I am grateful for the warm jacket that I wore outside during this frigid day. I am grateful that I am dwelling in the moment.

    Something big is on the way. Whenever I say or write this, it happens. I am pushing some of that sentiment in your direction too. It can't hurt right? Send a bundle of love to that person that you miss. They will feel it. They can be alive or at a higher plane.Be calm, take some more risks, and most of all, take care of you before you attempt to direct another in a better direction. We are all works in progress. I appreciate you.



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