Creating Leverage For Good

 Picture this. You want something, but you cannot afford it. So you say to yourself, how can I get what I want without having to spend so much money? The answer is leverage. If you want to move form one house to another, you would need a moving company right? So let's say for this example that the company will charge you $600 for the complete job. This includes, the van, movers, and the time for the effort that they will put out. If for some reason you could not afford it, what could you do? Well, you could hire 4 separate people who really need the money and probably do it for $300 and get the same job done. Now there is a reason why certain services cost so much. There is a thing called quality and expertise and that costs each and every time. It is supposed to cost, it's miles better than the status quo.

  My point here is this. Recently, I have been able to leverage great people who do quality work to partner with me in doing what I do. I also recently had a not so favorable conversation with a particular person who felt that I was not worth what I asked for financially. Let me rephrase that, he did not thing that the client he was providing the services for would care about my worth. Some people just want placeholders for their situations. Please never ever let anyone decide what you are worth. It is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself. As a matter of fact, work at being so exceptional that people will feel embarrassed to undercut your rate in any field.

   So if you found something that someone else needs and they are willing to pay you to lead them to it, or better yet provide it for them, would you take the money? I hope your head is bobbing up and down right now in the universal yes position. I know that you smell what I am cooking. So I have been concentrating on serving more than ever. I love to serve. It's a magic state of being that always makes someone else's life better.Yes some people get paid to serve as well, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. Put in clearer words, wouldn't you want there to be a person to cook your food, clean your room, and massage your body, if you went away on an all inclusive vacation getaway to Turks And Caicos? This people get paid very well. Make no mistake about it.
   On of my favorite ways of leveraging happiness for others is known as the flash mob. This is where many people get together for the good of one couple or a company or any special occasion. As I watch each on of the videos, it inspires me to build my business exactly the same way. You can watch one of my favorite ones HERE. I just love the everybody come together vibe. It is solid and highly magical. This concept could be mirror matched all over the place if we just paid attention to how and when to do it. I cannot say enough about this concept.

    How can you help people with your talents, expertise, or knowledge? If we just worry about to ourselves, the world will not revolve the same way. There are people who are doing so many things behind the scenes for the good of others and they are changed human beings because of it. I have had my own situations that have made me glow from the inside and they are just magnificent.What can you do and when can you start? Who's talents or knowledge can you leverage in the best way possible to create a win/win scenario that lights up the sky? I am just putting it out there and you just have to give it a shot. Onward, upward, and forward. You know what? Here is another one that actually was done in a prison. Figure that out. You can watch it Here



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