Connection Does Not Lie

  It's the thing that I cannot debate in this life. If you have a connection with a certain person, nothing can stop it. You cannot negotiate with it or plot to slow it down or rearrange it at all. We have all been there once or twice and even more for some people. You think that you can run from your truth and mask it as something else. But then the heart yanks you like a small child walking a puppy. We are not really as complex as we seem to be most times. We love and we love hard when its right. Those who work tirelessly to stop it, are wasting their time. It works the same way when you dislike a certain thing too. Although, I always seem to find a way to turn that negativity into a vibe that I can work with. I mean let's face it, some people are just not meant to be on our journey with us. It's a cruel and harsh reality.

   This topic is very important to me because I see examples of it more than anything else in my life. Watching two people make there way through the maze of interpersonal relationships. They pull back when they feel it's not flowing and they put their foot back on the gas when it starts to hum peacefully. That all seems easy to understand doesn't it? Of course it's not easy to understand at all. They mask it so hard to see behind when it is worn so seamlessly. We want to be strong for those around us and we want to seem as though we are strong for them as well. You can insert these sentences into your own lives in many ways I am sure.

   How much do you fight when you are in danger of being bitten, or shot, or cut, or drowned? I would say with much conviction that you would give it all that you have if dying was the possible outcome. So why is it that the large majority of us fight so hard to reveal that we are capable of being loved or are capable of giving love in large amounts? Because the possible outcome in these situations is better breathing, more smiling, less fighting, more laughing, and a longer life. When we hit walls, it seems that we are OK living within our own suffocation. Self induced, produced, and directed. This is a huge brick wall that can become harder and harder to climb.

   When we love, we love. There are no conditions because love has no conditions. If there are conditions, then it's not true love. This is my perspective and not necessarily the correct one. It is most certainly not the only way to look at it either. Have you ever had that moment when you look across at someone and its all smooth and tingly inside? Each time I've had that sensation, it flowed as easy as water leaving a faucet.As easy as James Taylor's fingers moving across the fretboard of a guitar. I think you get my drift.

    Thank goodness for connection, true connection. It gives us the ability to breathe easier and to be present in the moment. It allows us to take a break from questioning and to concentrate on being, just being. In this space we get to just roll around in the treasure that is just there waiting for us to swallow it whole. We do not question our breath or our ability to speak our language or if water will come out of the faucet. We don't have to question true connection either. It shows up and our soul gives it a check mark way before we know what's hit us. That's my story and I am sticking to it.




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